Opening Your Home and Heart

The way the Lord plans all things is beautiful. He is sovereign and we can see how He, as if working in a magnificent play, arranges all things for His glory and the good of our souls.

My sister sent me an email few months ago saying that a friend of her from the Netherlands was coming to Mexico, she asked me to host her friend for a night or two. What a great privilege for me it was to be able to host my sister’s friend; we agreed and started to email back and forth. To make this story short in a moment I was also emailing back and forth with the tour guide of the group (15 Reformed Christian backpackers), they wanted to join us for our Church service on Sunday and were looking for a hotel near to our home…

We had to have a “meeting”, so we sat at the Family Table one night and talked about the possibility of hosting them all. “They are backpackers, so we need not to worry about beds, they have their sleeping bags, and we have enough floor space for all of them”, we reasoned, and by opening our home to them we would be able to bless them. We all voted yes.

They came in Saturday night driving one big van and one car; it was night and it was raining, but  our home was warm, and the tables were set. Pasta night was awaiting.

They stayed with us until Tuesday morning; we thought we were going to bless them with a place to sleep, yet they blessed us greatly.

Every morning and evening we read the Scripture; English was the language where we met in every conversation; at nights we sang hymns and Psalms in Dutch, Spanish and English. Our home was filled with the sound of a beautiful choir, and every room with glorious praises.
We thought we were opening our home to them, but really, can you open your home without opening your heart?

We felt sad as they left, but we know that every Lord’s Day we will be singing to our God who has brought people from every tribe and nation to worship Him, until the day we will see Him face to face and again feast at the Family Table with Him.

May you open your home and heart to many this season… you will find blessings you never expected, and your heart will overflow with joy.

Today I am playing with my true photographer friends Kelly and Claire. I could not choose only one picture and I know these are not the best pics at all (it is hard to be the hostess of so many and still try to take good pics.) but they surely tell a lot about how our home in Mexico looked this past weekend.

11 thoughts on “Opening Your Home and Heart

  1. It was a great experience for us to share this time with your family and if I can tell you what did I learn that day it has to be the great lesson of how do people act when they know that everything that they have is only because God has shown them his Mercy and Grace and thinking that way its not difficult to share your house , your food, your time, etc… because you know they´re not yours,they´re God´s belongings.
    Thank you for share with us and for being a great example of Hospitality .

    Love you


  2. Becky, I’ve been in those groups when welcomed into another’s home, and what a blessing. Your story reminded me of a meal my husband shared around a table in Buenos Aires with a group of Argentines and a group of Korean-Argentines. My husband spoke no Spanish, and only one of the Koreans spoke Spanish. All of the conversation had to run its course between English, Spanish and Korean. But blessed, indeed we were.


  3. I got teary eyed reading this post Becky. What a heavenly blessing for all of you! I’m so happy that God blessed all of you with this special time.

    It must have been just a teeny weeny taste of what Heaven will be like when we all join together from every place and every time throughout the ages to sing praises to our wonderful Savior!

    Thank you for sharing it with us dear sister!


  4. Becky, it sounds like this was such a sweet and beautiful time of fellowship. God bless you for being such an example of hospitality and graciousness. And you are right, you cannot open your home without opening your heart! May God bless us with the same opportunity to open our hearts and homes to the saints. Lord bless you, Becky!


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