Greek Myths and Homemaking

A repost from the archives- with a little makeup-

We have been having so much fun, it is just She and I, the older ones are still up north.

We have had a wonderful time reading, cooking, coloring, doing math, visiting the fire station, going to the post office and even searching for a book that was “hiding” in a different shelf. (Raggedy Ann)

I have been reading to her for the first time many myths of the Greeks and it has been great to see her beautiful, dark eyes glow as she hears these stories…but she keeps asking me, “mama, but this, this didn’t happen, right?”

I am so grateful to be there to assure her that even though they seem so realistic on the way they have been told, these are just stories, they did not happen. (And I am grateful to homeschool, I can’t even imagine how in a non-Christian school she would be taught that the stories from the Bible are Myths also)

At the same time reading all these myths has given me a great opportunity to see how well she knows the doctrines, the teachings of the Bible that we have taught her. Little girls must be trained to discern even from right since they are young and tender if we want to raise women who will be  godly homemakers.

When we read how Apollo drove his chariot, every day to give sunlight to the earth, I asked her, “What does the Bible say about this?”, “How do we know that this can’t be true?” 

When we encountered Pandora’s jar, I asked her, “What does the Bible teaches us about the evil? Where does the evil comes from?” She knew well that the devil is the origin of all evil, and it came into the world when Adam and Eve sinned, she also recalled that the solution to sin was not a simplistic hope, but Jesus.

When I teach my daughters how to cook and bake I am teaching them skills to help them grow into godly homeakers.

When I teach them to be modest and discreet, I am teaching them to purspue their Biblical calling.

When I teach to discern good from evil in our daily reading routine, I am teaching them about both, homemaking and their Biblical calling.

Isn’t is wonderful to be there, to teach, to guide our little ones in the way they should go?

I love being here, I am grateful for this great opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “Greek Myths and Homemaking

  1. Hi Becky,
    It’s Jamie from Pursuing The Old Paths. You stopped by today and commented on my 31 days of prayer post. Thanks for stopping by so I could happen upon your most beautiful blog. Seems we have much in common. I love the reformed theology and classical education which I am just learning about now as I am reading The Well Trained Mind. Anyway, just wanted to say hello.
    Blessings to you too,


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