>I am grateful for My Marriage

> This month where hearts are hanging all over I find it to be the perfect time to stop and consider our marriages, our roles as wives, as lovers, as friends to our husband. It is always good to stop and set apart times to nurture our marriage, to water it, to read about marriage and what it means to be in this beautiful covenant.

Today I am taking the time to express my gratitude for my Beloved. And dear friend, if God’s providence has brought you to a place where you have no husband by your side, why not considering giving thanks today to God specifically for being your Husband, your Maker.

My Beloved and I in New Zealand

1118. His hand holding mine.

1119. His patience with me.

1120. My Beloved’s diligence.

1121. Always giving.

1122. I am grateful because I can find in his arms love.

1123. Tears we have shed together.

1124. Times of struggles that make us  grow.

1125. Taking care of my van’s gas.

1126. I am grateful because He wakes up early to read the Word.

1127. Because He is a loving father.

1128. Because he never quits.

1129. For taking care of me with gentleness when I am not feeling well.

1130. For all the books he lets me buy 🙂

1131. For the notes he has written me.

1132. I am grateful because he has literally taken me around the world holding hands, dreaming together.

1133. I am grateful because I wake up and he is always there.

1134. I am grateful because he is slow to anger.

1135. Because his arms are strong to hold my weaknesses.

1136. Because I can stay at home.

1137. I am grateful because he says that my cheesecake is the best in the world ever! (It makes me happy!)

1138. I am grateful because I can take of him when he doesn’t feel well.

1139. I am grateful that I am his helpmate.

1140. I am grateful for real love, in real life.

1141. I am grateful that we have a God who forgives us when we sin against each other.

1142. I am grateful that we have God’s Word to show us how to love.

1143. I am grateful that even though we have said words that do not edify each other’s life; God’s grace abounds and we always find a place to ask forgiveness.

1144. I am grateful for the marriage bed.

1145. I am grateful for the fruit of our love, our children.

1146. I am grateful to see our bodies changing together.

1147. A glass of red wine almost every night.

1148. I am so thankful that our God has brought us to this day together.

1149. I am grateful that we know nothing about the future except that all things work for good for those who love the Lord; and that our times are in the hands of a Sovereign and loving God.

What are you grateful for today?

5 thoughts on “>I am grateful for My Marriage

  1. >Becky,As I read through your list and to the question at the end,it made me think. I am thankful we can see glimpses of what we imagine to be pure beauty, goodness and truth in this poor fallen world. For me, most of that happens around relationships.Have a great week!Jo


  2. >This list made me smile so big. You seem to have such a genuine love and happiness in your marriage! That's something I don't see often. I'm thankful that you are sharing your love for your husband with all of us! I hope to learn from it 🙂


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