>My Favorite List -Every Monday-


“When the thoughts are scattered and distracted about the cares of life, a man is not fit for devotion. Discontent takes heart wholly off from God and fixes upon the present trouble, so that a man’s mind is not upon his prayer, but upon his cross”
Thomas Watson, The Art of Divine Contentment

Because I want to discipline my mind, my heart not to wander, I give thanks to God as a continual offering, a sacrifice of thanksgiving all day, every day.

1185. A girl, the joy of still having a little girl home.

1186. A young lady enjoying a great vacation with a beautiful family.

1187. A baby girl growing in my sister’s womb.

1188.  My two young men who love to be at home as well as going to the movies with their Dad on weekends.

1189. Markers, and pens, and pencils all over our house, always ready to be used.

1190. Homemade Oreo Cookies! Yummy!

1191. My son’s creativity. (Amazing what he built with cardboard boxes and lots of patience!)

1192. Heart- Shaped leaves that helped me remember God’s word.

1193. Pasta night… It so much fun to be all six crammed in the kitchen and chatting while cooking pasta once a week.

1194. Happy friends planning a trip with us.

1195. An excellent reminder to pray for our spouses in the workplace.

1196. The Word of God, an anchor to our soul when troubles rise.

1197. The Word of God, which is a lamp unto my feet in the days when it is too foggy to see clearly.

1198. The Word of God, which points to my sin.

1199. The Word of God, which is sufficient to feed my soul.

1200. The Word of God, the only book in the whole word that is infallible and perfect.

1201.The Word of God, which enlightens our minds and help us discern.

1203. The Word of God, the ultimate authority in all matters.

May we remember this week that “in every loss there is only suffering, but in every discontent there is a sin; and one sin is worse than a thousand sufferings.” (Thomas Watson)

Blessings to you on your week, dear friends!

7 thoughts on “>My Favorite List -Every Monday-

  1. >Bccky -#1185 – I miss my little girls! But I am also very blessed to be typing this from my son and daughter-in-law's who have 2 sweet little girls to cheer me. 🙂 And thank you for linking me here.Blessings!


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