>I am Preparing a Banquet.


Have you ever planned a great feast for many?  Or a  banquet? Or a wonderful reunion with many friends that you love and want everything to be special and beautiful for them?
Well, that is exactly what I am doing. I am preparing a great banquet for you, yes for YOU!
And this kind of banquet is an old fashioned one. It will last a month. Can you imagine, a whole month of getting together, feasting, laughing, some times crying and many times falling to our knees in prayer?
I am excited about this, so be ready!
Consider this to be an invitation, the feast will start this next Friday, April 1st.
Be sure to come and invite your dearest friends. O, and I forgot to mention that just as in every good celebration, there will be surprises for some of you to take home!
I will be here, waiting for you.
Until then,

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