But God, But I.


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I love the “But God…” moments in the Bible* -and in my life!-. Each one life-changing, each one comes, and brutally transforms whole situations turning them up-side-down (or if you permit me, down-side-up).

This morning I read in Psalm 88 these words, “But I…” and I paid attention to what came next (just as I do every time I read the opening words, “But God…” in a sentence), and I found in the next words, words that I am sure should be the natural response of one who knows the Living God, the loving God who breaks into a situation and powerfully changes it for His glory.   This is the response that should be in the lips of the one who knows God and is known by Him, by those whose God is the God of the “buts…

Note that David was going through a pretty tough time, he is not hiding his anguish; he knew God himself had put him in the depths of the pit in which he was now, he knew that God himself had caused his friends to shun him out. And yet his response was:

But I, O Lord, cry to you;
in the morning my prayer
comes before you.”
Psalm 88:13

May we learn to respond like the Psalmist did…

That is my prayer today,


*This is a wonderful little book that I recommend about the “But God..” moments in the Bible.

2 thoughts on “But God, But I.

  1. Becky, I used to look at the Psalms as “light reading”, but in the last year God has brought more and more meaning to this book for me. I love your thoughts on this passage…. thanks so much for sharing.

    Wendy Freeman


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