Me and my Husband of 25 years!

I am saved by God’s grace and I love God because He first loved me.

I am in love with my husband of 26 years now.

My husband and I (both Mexicans living in Mexico City) have been married for 26 years now and have 4 children married in the Lord, one grand-daughter  and one grand-son on the way! Our youngest is still at home where we get to enjoy her cheerful company every day.

We are members of Christ Church in Moscow, ID (looong story, believe me. And we know there is nothing like a local church, but this is what the Lord has for us and we are incredibly grateful for our Pastor and elders, and the way they have loved us and have taken care of us from so far for almost six years now). In Mexico we worship every Lord’s Day with a wonderful body of believers. All of them a gift from the Lord to edify us and sharpen us and love us well.

I love heart to heart conversations and I love my people, my family and my friends. Having them around our table is my favorite thing in the whole world.

I have been a Spanish teacher in two different online Classical schools for almost 12 years now. And I am known among my students for being able to find connections between the use of the verbs we are studying, adjectives, and the gospel message or some life lesson grounded in the Word.

My greatest passion: Being in the Word, studying it, mediating on it, and teaching it. I mean, how can one read it and not be passionate about it?

I am an ordinary woman, too ordinary I would say. See, I love coffee and dark chocolate and books and breakfast food, and a glass of red wine at night and traveling too. Nothing surprising there, right?

Thanks for being here, Friend.

Under His Sun and by His Grace,

Becky Pliego

Special thanks to my dear daughter in law, Andrea Pliego for helping me set up the blog and import the old one here,  and to my friend Hannah Grieser for the header picture.