Beauty Framed

This door caught my eye, “who is the woman of the house who put that beautiful yellow wreath on her door?”

I want to meet her, and say, “thank you for making beautiful what otherwise would go unnoticed.”

We frame the life the Lord has chosen for us, with our attitudes; am I going to complain or smile and pick up some yellow wild flowers  and make a wreath to hang on the door?

We don’t choose the frame in which our life happens, that belongs to the Lord, but He demands from us to hang a beautiful attitude on it.

A prayer, a smile, a hug, a kiss.

May you find wild yellow flowers today.

The photo-play prompt was given by my friend Claire

7 thoughts on “Beauty Framed

  1. What a beautiful thought! I will always think of the attitude that I hang on my circumstances as a beautiful wreath on any door. What a wonderful description of how our attitudes in life should be framed.

    I was initially drawn here by the country look–which I love. And blue and yellow are favorite colors of mine. But I got so much more than just sheer beauty out of the post.

    Thank you,


  2. Kelly, Marcus, Anne, Claire and Christina,

    Thank you for stopping by, for your words today, for letting me “see” you here.

    Christina, Ok, one thing I now miss from WP is that here I can’t see your smile as you comment!

    Love you!


  3. Becky,

    The picture and post are beautiful but I also just noticed the message in the right. Your “Welcome” in which you described yourself as a “sinful woman in the process of sanctification.”

    Those words have encouraged me today. It is after all, what I am too. Thankful to be reminded, by way of those words, of the faithful Savior we have!

    Have a wonderful night!


  4. becky i wrote a very similar post about a blue door about a year ago.

    i know the feeling of discovering such beauty. i so badly wanted to know who lived behind it and what made them paint it blue.

    honestly, this is the photo that has tugges most deeply at my mind today.

    thank you for playing along. your photo will be in the gallery.


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