Friday is For Visiting Others

Friday is here, and I would love to invite you to take a look at these:

What about sugar cookies wrapped around a brownie? Sounds like a great idea for this weekend, right?
You can find the recipe at Bakerella

If you are not in the mood to bake, but would rather start a new art project…(I am planning on doing this with my daughter!) Check out what Geninne is up to; and remember that she has a beautiful shop you can visit here.

And while baking or drawing, you can listen to Karen Moore, a Latin teacher and author, about the benefits of studying Latin. Or you can read in my former blog, what Joanna Hensley wrote about Why Classical Languages Matter, the BEST article I have ever read on this topic!

You can also print a beautiful Weekly Menu Planner here.

And finally, you can visit the most creative place to find “artistic” and easy recipes here. 

And if you want…you can find me here today, Reaching Out… In Your Home

Have a most blessed weekend!

The first four pictures belong to the pages I am linking to. The last one is mine…

3 thoughts on “Friday is For Visiting Others

  1. Becky-

    Cookies look wonderful and I love the menu planner (better than my boring columns). Also, what a beautiful door. Thanks for so many inspiring thoughts! Its so important to create beauty in our homes – I love the book by Edith Schaeffer on this topic even though I cant remember what its called at the moment and its packed so I cannot check..:-)


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