Time Flies…Does it Really?

Time flies… everyone says so, but does it really? or is it just us using that phrase as an excuse not to live doing what we should be doing?

Days have always had twenty-four hours; and even now our days really last more because of electricity. We have light even before the sun comes up and light even after the sun goes down.

Our calendars still have twelve pages, and the hours we live are still made of sixty minutes.

We say “time flies…” when?

When we see our children growing older…and we wish we could hold them more, we wish we had played more with them.

We say such phrase, when we see areas of our lives we have been wanting to change and have not done anything practical to bring that change.

When we see our marriage, and wish we had not sleep through so many nights…

We say “times flies…” when we live for the calendar, instead of using the calendar as a tool in our lives.

I wrote about redeeming the time, (in October, 2009), and that day after clicking “publish”, I resolved not to live in a rush, but to live slowly. To purposely live each day of my life for God. And He has helped my heart which is always prone to move, to slow down.

This slowing down for God’s glory means that some changes had to take place… but it has been worth every one of them. I have not heard myself saying, “time flies”rather, I have found myself saying “I have not made the best use of my time today to glorify God where I am” 

Some changes I have made so far are these…(with some I still struggle…my heart is so quick to move!)

1. Do not say to my children “Hurry Up!”… that is exactly what I do not want them to do, I do not want them to hurry up…

2. Cut off some extra classes…and yes we have survived without them!

3.  If we are going late, I take a deep breath, and remember number one… This particular moment is not the best one to instruct about the importance of being on time.

4.  I use the calendar, but do not let the calendar rule over my life.

5. Being a family of six (Amy, I know that is not a big number to you) and having all sorts of online classes, trips, meetings, friend visiting, etc… I try to remind my children not to live longing for what is yet to come, but to enjoy the day we are living in. This day will never come back again.

6. Make the most of every moment. Do not complain about God’s given plan for you today. Enjoy cooking, enjoy setting a beautiful table, enjoy the conversation after dinner even if that means that your little one will skip a bath that day!  Leave your books  (or computer) on the side as you listen to your husband’s heartbeat. Stay up late on the side of your teen age children’s bed to listen to him. Take time to read a book out loud. Sing. Smile. Be quiet.

7. And this one I am still learning to do…setting aside what I love to do for the sake of the ones I love.
Less time for me, most of the time means, more time to be able to hold my dear ones closer to my heart.

8. Live with the calendar hanging on the wall and a timeline on your classroom wall, but keep in mind that calendars and timelines frame the time in which we are just like vapour… let us live with our eyes set on eternity.

“As adults who have learned the concept of time, timelines, and references to past, present and future, we sometimes need to rather unlearn the natural in order to fully appreciate the supernatural; in this case, eternity.

Jon J. Cardwell

As I wake up every day I remind my soul of this Bible verse:

“This is the day that the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118: 24

I will not let time fly away, I will not let it escape (tempus fugit); I will live it purposely  and wisely for my God.

“Fit me to be totally resigned to the denial of pleasures I desire,
            and to be content to spend my time with Thee.
Fit me to pray with a sense of the joy of divine communion,
            to find all times happy seasons to my soul,
            to see my own nothingness,
            and wonder that I am allowed to serve Thee.”

The Valley of Vision

Great resources that say it better than I:
The Precious Importance of Time (And the Importance of Redeeming it) by Jonathan Edwards.
Time’s Shortness by Thomas Watson (1676)
What is the best way to spend your leisure time? Charles Spurgeon’s response.

“Try to count  blessings instead of minutes”

Ann Voskamp

Related posts from the former blog:
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Thank you, Ivonne, for setting my mind into thinking about this, again!

8 thoughts on “Time Flies…Does it Really?

  1. Wow! This is so good and just what I need to hear, Becky. I struggle so with time. It’s one of my biggest areas of tension. I will try to take your lessons to heart.

    I’m glad you’re reading Spurgeon and at least will be commenting on Challies’ blog. I always enjoy hearing your insights. Enjoy your travels!



  2. Becky-

    Amen!! This is so hard for me too because I have so much I want to DO that I have to remind myself that I need to just spend time with my husband and children. I like RC Sproul Jr.’s comments about living life in a matter which is “Simple, Separate and Deliberate” and to pass these truths on to our children. God has given us so many amazing things to enjoy but most of them we just let fly right by without even noticing… thanks for this reminder today.

    Love to your whole family..:-)


  3. “I try to remind my children not to live longing for what is yet to come, but to enjoy the day we are living in.”

    This is such a wonderful thing to teach our children when they are young!

    It reminds of the story I read many years ago as a new believer about the life of missionary to China J O Frasier (Behind The Ranges)- He testified of how he was always focused on what lay ahead (graduating from school, preparing for the mission field, getting to the mission field, etc). After several years of preparation he finally arrived at his destination in the China inland. He ended up pretty much hiding out in his little hut for many months in a deep depression. He had built up in his mind this grand final destination failing to enjoy God in the moment all along the way. Funny, after 30+ yrs, that’s the only thing I remember from that book!

    So, thank you for the refresher!
    Live in the moment..God is here now, and He’ll be waiting for us in our tomorrow as well.

    Love you sister!


  4. Becky,

    Well, … I guess I don’t need to struggle through my fading memory of those high school Spanish skills, which also get all mixed up with my college Portuguese classes. I can communicate here in English. 🙂

    Confession: I checked my Spanish with an online translator, just to make sure I was getting the message through at your other blog, but even then, the online translators can sometimes get the message pretty jumbled.

    Anyway, I found you through the High Calling Blogs network, where I serve as a Contributing Editor, and I wanted to welcome you.

    You have a beautiful voice, and it’s a delight to “meet” you in this place and in your other blog as well.

    (Your photos transcend a language barrier, by the way.)


  5. Thanks for posting this. I used to pride myself (already off to a bad start right there!) on being hyper-efficient and being able to cram as much in as possible in any given day. But life is more than productivity and efficiency, because we’re not machines. Life is savoring every moment God gives us and trusting His sovereignty for those moments.


  6. Thank you for this wonderful post! May we not live in the past or the future. Appreciate you so much sister and blessings to you and yours on this day – yes! rejoicing and being glad in it!


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