Prayer and Gratitude

Diane said it well, we are so self-absorbed at times, that we should examine our prayers for the sake of our souls! Do we start and end our prayers with ourselves? or do we start and end giving glory to God?

Do it intentionally this week, examine your prayers…listen to them.

Gratitude is a way we glorify God.

A grateful heart recognizes that ALL good gifts come from God.

A grateful heart recognizes that ALL good in us -if there is such- comes from God.

Spurgeon says,

“Our errand at the throne of grace is not only to seek the favour of God, 
but to give Him the glory due to his name, 
and that not only by an aweful adoration of his infinite perfections, 
but by a grateful acknowledgment of his goodness to us, 
which cannot indeed add any thing to his glory, 
but he is pleased to accept of it, 
and to reckon himself glorified by it, 
if it comes from a heart 
that is humbly sensible of its own unworthiness 
to receive any favour from God, 
that values the gifts, 
and loves the giver of them.” (1)
Let us stir our hearts to give thanks to the only One who deserves all the glory.
Let us stir our hearts to praise our God, let us today not ask Him for more, but thank Him for how much He has already given us.
Let us stir each other to live wearing every day a beautiful garment of gratitude.

652. A friend visiting from another country!

653. Long conversations in the kitchen.
654. Gifts in a brown paper bag…Love it!
655. Delicious fruit, the redness, the sweetness, the beauty.
657. Green pastures. A place to rest. Your hand leading me there.
658. Harsh words…turned into forgiveness.
659. A six years old girl living so fully.
660. My Mom and Dad.

661. Wombs with babies.

662. Piano lessons.

663. Your Sovereign will.

664. Your Providence.

665. My times in your hands.

666. Saturday pancakes.

667. The Confession of Faith

668.  You, who follow along.

Is your heart swallowed with gratitude today?

4 thoughts on “Prayer and Gratitude

  1. Beautiful, Becky.

    As usual, your reflections lead me to consider how much I have to be thankful for!

    Thank you for reminding me that our hearts should be overflowing with gratitude for ALL of the blessings we can know!

    Have a beautiful day in the Lord!


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