Thoughts for Wives

A friend of mine just posted this on her fb profile:

“I had to make that step (leaving fb) to get my priorities straight and to spend more time with my hubby who was going to bed alone too much lately….while I was on facebook…..ouch!…”

And Jamie also reminded us of this when she says,

“Because I remember as a young, engaged woman the anticipation that I felt, knowing that one day soon I would be able to go to bed with the man I loved each night and wake up with him each morning.  Oh, how I looked forward to that!  I dreamed of the intimate conversations we’d have, heads on our pillows, smiling and laughing as we reminisced about the day’s happenings.  I could hardly wait for those evenings!

And so, still today (nearly 11 years later!), I try to continue to fan that same flame and look forward to our quiet time together in the evenings…We spend a few solo minutes reading a chapter in a book or checking emails, maybe posting a quick note to the blog or facebook, but then I remember…

We need our special “pillow talk” time together.  And I still look forward to going to bed with the man I love every night and waking up with him each morning!”

 I have to say that lately I have been guilty of this, either checking my fb or writing a post is robbing me of this special “pillow talk” with the one I love.

So here I am,  following the example of other godly women, I will not be checking my fb at nights and I will journal here just as time permits.

My priorities should be straight at all times, and in doing so, I glorify my God, and honor my man.

An invitation, if you know someone who speaks Spanish, please refer them to our Spanish blog, Delicias A Tu Diestra Para Siempre, we (my sister and I) are posting an important series on what it means to be a modest woman.

P.S. Just in case you are wondering why I chose such a picture on this post, let me tell you…  I used this picture because it reminds of a time my husband and I spent together, and because I needed to remind myself that I  must build bridges of love between us.

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