When Light Meets Daily Life

A Repost from the archives.

This week I will be journeying with my friend Claire B.
I just love her photography and the project she has pursued this year
entitled,365 light project.
I will be writing on how light meets my daily life using her art.

Shopping carts lined up to be used, dirty wheels, and shiny metal, all look the same, all there. 
A mom comes and grabs one, her hands are holding the shopping list, again. 
Again, the toilet paper, and the cleaner, the shampoo, and the toothpaste, yes, again
There is no milk, or juice in the fridge and again rushing and running, dragging her feet, 
she is here, again.
The wheel is not working, she needs to push harder. 
Her heart is sinking, again; and again she whispers, 
“Again, again, routine again. 
Never ending, always in a circle “
The thoughts of the day, the prayers unsaid, the lump on her throat, again.
My prayer is for you today, my Christian friend; 
if it is you pushing hard the broken wheels, 
trying hard to manage your day again
that you may stop today to see His light.
I have been learning this, 
God meets me in my daily life. 
His light shines on me as I go into my chores, as I push the cart.

Is it useful to have my theology right, my doctrines right, if I can not see His light meeting me in my 
daily life?
I am still learning.
Let your light, O God, shine on me!
Let me learn again, that it is for You that I come and go.
Forgive me again, for living a life without joy.
Remind me, that it is in my daily journey, that I walk towards heaven.
Daily life matters, shine on me, 
O Lord, again!

My first post in this blog, was just about this, Rejoicing in Our Daily Tasks.

1 thought on “When Light Meets Daily Life

  1. This is very beautiful, Becky!

    “Is it useful to have my theology right, my doctrines right, if I can not see His light meeting me in my
    daily life?”

    I’m still learning too. What a great reminder! Love and blessings!


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