Churches are For Worshiping God

It was here, Edinburgh, Scotland, where my heart broke in pieces to see this; a church turned into a cafe and arts center.

I walked in. My heart broke in pieces, I could not contain the tears, the fear, the anger, the sadness. It  seemed as if I was walking in one of those futurist novels, like those written by Bradbury or Orwell, yet it was real.

We are living, no doubt, in the Postmodern era.  This Reformed church like many others in the area (as we learned later), had not enough members any more, so there was not enough money  to maintain the beautiful building, and it had to be sold. The modern architects are turning them into cafes and very expensive apartments which young people find fascinating.

My heart cries and I pray for the members of the true Church of Christ, may His grace abound over us as we worship God together every Sunday.

May our bodies which are temples of the Holy Spirit, be holy and not defiled with sinful habits that corrupt our lives. May we not “sell” our bodies to the vanities of the world. May the Lord help us not to live with an outward appearance of a beautiful church building, but with a heart undefiled, that is not inclined to the idols of our world. Let us examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith.

Let us glorify God in our body today, and worship God with our whole being. Let us rejoice with our brothers and sisters as we worship together today our God and Father.

Under His shadow,

5 thoughts on “Churches are For Worshiping God

  1. Kitty, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. The point here is that we should not be beautiful on our outer appereance and at the same time have a soul filled with the things of the world, filled with vanity and sin. We should examine ourselves in the light of the Scriptures.

    I still changed some words to make it clearer…

    Please, be welcome anytime.

    Christina, yes, it was sad indeed.

    Persis, I did not know that! That is so sad!

    Much love to you, my friends, and to all of you who stop and take the time to read.

    Blessings today from our Heavenly Father.


  2. Hi, I was reading your blog when I came across this statement from you,

    “May the Lord help us not to live with an outward appearance of a beautiful church building but with a heart defiled, inclined to the idols of our world.”

    I may be misunderstanding this but, I think you may mean for the word defiled to be undefiled. And the word inclined to declined.


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