What to do with Today’s Sermon?

 A picture taken by my beautiful daughter.

“Though we cannot repeat the good sermons we have heard;
yet if through grace, our hearts and ways are purified by them, they are not lost.

But let what I have said engage you who hear and learn the forms of sound words, to hold them fast, to imprint them in your minds and memories, that you may have them ready to you at all times, as occasion requires.
In order to do this, labour to understand them;
and let your knowledge be clear and distinct, and then you will be likely to retain it;
set every truth in its proper place, and then you will know what use to make of it.
Get your hearts duly affected with things, and abide and act under the power and influence of them;
and then you will remember them.
Be often repeating them to yourselves:
Mary kept the sayings of Christ, by pondering them in her heart (Luke 2:19).”
Matthew Henry, Family Religion.

Have a most blessed Lord’s Day, dear friends.

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2 thoughts on “What to do with Today’s Sermon?

  1. This a wonderful post Becky. It is a reminder that while the pastor has an infinitely weighty responsibility to preach the Word, we, the hearers, also have a responsibility as well.

    Thank you for sharing. I pray you and your family have a beautiful Lord’s Day today.

    PS The picture that your daughter took is beautiful.

    Love you my dear friend & sister!


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