>A Mom and a Wife in the Making


It was us promising to love each other forever,

until death due us apart. 

Two sinners entering into a God honoring covenant. 
Two forgiven sinners ready to live a life of sanctification together.
And God blessed us with children,

one by one they came into our lives and we are all now walking in

the Covenant, loving our Maker.
It’s been almost 18 years, and I still wonder at the miracle:
I did become a Wife and a Mom.
I longed for this since my childhood,

and the Lord heard me and answered me.

Today I am still a Mom and Wife in the making,

and I am amazed; 

God calls sinner women like me,

washes us and uses us to teach His Word to little souls,

to nurture lives that will live eternally.
Isn’t God’s Grace incomprehensible?

Because I am still a Mom and a Wife in the making is that I must study  God’s Word,
that is the only way for me to grow in grace.

Do you want to join me?

This Saturday we will start here an eight-week study on Philippians. 
You can find more information here and here.
We will also start a conversation over coffee and cookies
around the book, The Fruit of Her Hands,  by Nancy Wilson
You can find our reading schedule here.

A great article I found today at Credenda Agenda written by Douglas Wison, The Wife as a Ruler. Very good one.

(This is a repost  from the archives, ,with some little changes)


4 thoughts on “>A Mom and a Wife in the Making

  1. >Becky – "Today I am still a wife and mom (mum, I'm British 🙂 ) in the making". Me too – and yes, it is humbling that He would allow us the privilege of teaching those little ones about Him. Thanks for this lovely poem :)Diana.


  2. >"God calls sinner women like me,washes us and uses us to teach His Word to little souls,to nurture lives that will live eternally."Beautiful words Becky! They remind me of this little quote I read today by William Gurnall:"Children are their parents' heirs, the mercies of God are not the least part of the parents' treasure, nor the least of the children's inheritance, being helps for their faith, matter for their praise, and spurs to their obedience."With love and blessings!


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