>Hallowed be Your Name


Thomas Watson. Read His Biography at Monergism

The Lord taught us how to pray and the first petition is this,  “Hallowed by your name” Matthew 6:9
 Thomas Watson explains us how we should sanctify God’s name, and among his teaching, he says:

We hallow and sanctify God’s name when we hallow his day.

“Hallow the sabbath day.” Jer 17:22. Our Christian Sabbath, which comes in the place of the Jews’ Sabbath, is called the Lord’s day. Rev 1:10. It was anciently called a day of light, wherein Christ the Sun of Righteousness shines in an extraordinary manner. It is an honor done to God to hallow his Sabbath.

(1) We must rest on this day from all secular works. “Bring in no burden on the sabbath day.” Jer 17:24. As when Joseph would speak with his brethren he thrust out the Egyptians; so when we would converse with God on this day, we must thrust out all earthly employments. Mary Magdalene refused to anoint Christ’s dead body on the sabbath day. Luke 23:56. She had before prepared her ointment and spices—but came not to the sepulcher until the Sabbath was past; she rested on that day from civil work, even the commendable and glorious work of anointing Christ’s dead body. 
(2) We must in a solemn manner devote ourselves to God on this day; we must spend the whole day with God. Some will hear the word—but leave all their religion at church; they do nothing at home, they do not pray or repeat the word in their houses, and so rob God of a part of his day. It is lamentable to see how God’s day is profaned. Let no man think God’s name is hallowed, while his Sabbath is broken.” (source@ Grace Gems)
Let us set apart this today to sanctify His name in all we do!

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