>The Holiness of God -Chapter One-


I am joining again a great group of readers at Challies. It has been a joy get to know some great bloggers, thinkers and God lovers through this “reading- along” group; so if you are visiting this place  from Challies, please leave a comment; I would love to “meet” you!

This time the book we are reading is The Holiness of God by R.C Sproul, a great pick, a book already known as a classic in the Reformed faith. Today we are talking only about chapter one.

Chapter One. The Holy Grail

One thing, that is it, only one thing I will share of this chapter that I do not want to forget never. One thing in chapter one that every one needs to know.

We all need a specific moment in our lives, a “life transforming” moment:

“Being alone with God. A Holy God. An awesome God. A God who could fill our lives with terror in one second and with peace the next”

 This is the way to eternal life. Meeting alone with a Holy God, spiritually naked, on our knees, in awe and knowing  that we are not worthy of Him.

Living a moment like this changes our eternal life. Meeting alone with a Holy God in the quietness is what we need in order to live.

Have you been alone with God; a Holy God?

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9 thoughts on “>The Holiness of God -Chapter One-

  1. >Elizabeth and Lisa, I also enjoyed reading your thoughts on your blogs. I am really looking forward to keep on learning with you.Trisha, what a joy! This is my first time reading it; I am sure loving it!Christina, thank you… I love you!Blessings on your weekend!


  2. >Excellent, Becky! You have such a way of getting to the heart of the matter and making it personal. I'm grateful I can answer your question with a resounding, Yes!–I have been alone with God. I look forward to more of what you'll share.


  3. >Becky,I finished reading this book earlier this year. Glad to see you'll be posting along with other Challies readers. Oh, how often we live as though we are so clueless about God's holiness. How merciful He is to me!


  4. >Glad to see you're on board with this book too, Becky. Good post. It is, at times, frightening to think of God's utter holiness, but apart from Christ's work on the cross, that fright would drive me far, far away from this wholly other and holy God. By faith, however, in Christ's great work, I can approach this holy God without threat of undoing (although, I'm sure my reaction would be exactly that of Isaiah, Peter and a whole host of others – fall on my face before Him). May God bless us all in our pursuit. May God continue to reveal His holiness to us through Christ.


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