>Gratitude in the Valley


The Peasant Family, by Josef Israëls

Having a gratitude attitude when a table is full and your heart is merry is easy; but there are certain seasons in life when the Lord leads you to the valley. You know it is His hand  leading you into trial, and you don’t want to go.

Our friend is dying; doctors say her brain is not working that she doesn’t feel anything, yet she has tears and her heart beat raises when she hears her husband’s voice or when her daughter in law lays her hand on her womb carrying her first granddaughter.

How do you find words of gratitude here?

Our friends do not know the Word of Life. They do not  know Grace. I cried. I prayed. But couldn’t find gratitude words.

I am home now, my heart aches, my husband holds me tight and it is then that I think how gratitude also finds a way through tears and the holding of  hands of those hurting and whose hope is on images of saints. Isn’t this what I have taught my children so many times? Give thanks to God in the valley, through tears and pain raise your voice and count His blessings.

824.  Being able to hold my hopeless friend’s hands.

825. Crying with those who cry.

826. Praying in the quiet.

829. Common Grace flowing in a hospital.

830. Doctors.

831. The mystery of the human brain.

832. Reminders of how weak we are.

833. Coffee and donuts.

834. Kleenex.

836. Muttering prayers.

837. The family table.

838. Conversations around the table.

839. A kitchen full with my children talking about their day.

840. My mom’s great  recovery from her broken wrist.

841. A kiss in the car.

842. Words to encourage friends in distress.

843. Being a phone call away from my sister.

844. Studying Philippians. What a treasure it has been!

845. Memory projects completed.

846. Having hope during the trials.

847.  Sloppy Joes on Sunday

848. Life in a clay pot.

849. Studying with diligence.

850. A house full of music.

851. Flowers bathed in morning light.

852. Being able to think.

853. Finding a way with words.

How do you praise God in the Valley?

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8 thoughts on “>Gratitude in the Valley

  1. >God bless you, Becky. I pray He comforts you over and over. Your thankfulness from a broken heart is beautiful. It's amazing what happens when we look up, though I know it's still painful.I'm so sorry.


  2. >Persis, I am so grateful for the stanza of the hymn you shared. I am jotting it down.Dear Amy, I sent you a personal message on fb. we are praying for you too! How wonderful it is that we can intercede for one another.Christina and Diane, I love you, friends. Thank you for your prayers, and encouraging words.Much love to you all.


  3. >Oh, Becky I am sorry to hear of this valley. This quote from Valley of the Vision has brought me comfort in my valleys, "Thou has brought me to the valley of vision, where I live in the depths but see thee in the heights." I have been through a few deep, dark valleys in my life and I can faithfully say God never abandoned me there. Sometimes in the darkness we see the light more clearly. I am praying for your hurting heart and for your dear friend that God would reach out and touch her heart.


  4. >Becky,I am so sorry to hear of this trial. I am praying right now that God will touch this dear friend of yours with His presence, His mercy, His Eternal Life. And Amy, I am saddened to hear about your son and pray that God will return Ricky home safely to you. I have been through such dark valleys that I can't even say anything spiritual about how I survived them because they were far too difficult for me at the time. All I can say is God is faithful and He brought me through them – He did not leave me there. One verse I clung to often was:Psalm 27:13"I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living." May God strengthen you in your valley today my dear friend.


  5. >Beautiful poem Becky and I am so sorry about your friend. We have walked in the valley many times and are in the midst again with the runaway/disappearance of one of our older sons, Ricky. However, God in His graciousness, at the same time has worked it out for Steve to return home, so we are praising God mightily for this huge answer to prayer. I pray God will give you the right words to say and comfort for your grieving…:-)


  6. >Dear Becky:May God be your comfort today. This is the 1st stanza of a hymn by Anne Steele that helped me to worship, even in the dust.Dear refuge of my weary soul,On Thee, when sorrows rise On Thee, when waves of trouble roll,My fainting hope relies To Thee I tell each rising grief,For Thou alone canst heal Thy Word can bring a sweet relief,For every pain I feelPraying for you…


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