>A Piece of Our Weekend


These past two weeks have been full, the routine of our family which I much appreciate was broken and it was hard to keep up with so many little things, but I am grateful for mornings, aren’t you? Mornings are the promise of a new brand day, a day in which no one, ever, has lived before. Minutes and hours ready to be used; a whole day ahead of us.

My friend died on Wednesday which was very sad, but it was encouraging at the same time to hear her husband saying that he was grateful to the Lord for let him “borrow” his wife’s life for so many years, isn’t that deep gratitude in the Valley?  Isn’t that common Grace displayed in a broken heart? Keep him in your prayers as he starts his new life. His two sons are adults now and his first granddaughter will be born next month.

Our precious little one turned 7 years old yesterday and what a joy it is to see her growing in the Lord. Her big party will be tomorrow, so today, my friends,  I will be off to buy a piñata, candies, and everything to make lasagna. I wish you could join us!

By the way, and just for you to know, our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween at all; we have never done that and are at peace with it. For us it just seems so clear, why celebrating the death when we have light? Why having a big festivity in the darkness when we love light?  My friend Diane wrote about Halloween today, you can check it out here.

Don’t forget to visit this place tomorrow as we jump into our Philippians Study- week four; it has proved a great blessing to me to do all the homework; I am so grateful to my friend  Eileen because she has put a lot of effort into sharing this treasure with us. The nice thing about having the studies here, is that you can start any time, so if you missed the first weeks, no worries, you can even start today. Another good thing about this study is that it will help you to be more disciplined in your Bible study time, if you are still struggling with that; and as I mentioned this week, it is very important for us to encourage one another into godly disciplines; so here you have the links for the past studies.

Time to Study Philippians – Introduction- (meet my friend Eileen)
Time to Study Philippians – Week One-
Time to Study Philippians -Week Two-
Time to Study Philippians -Week Three- 

Rebecca Writes pointed her readers  (including me, of course!) to two very good articles, Presuppositionalism Anti-Evidence? and  the Parable of the Boat “distinguish between the various traditions with regard to divine sovereignty, free-will, and salvation.” I thought you might also enjoy reading them. Rebecca is also opening an invitation to have a Thanksgiving Celebration during November, would you like to join in? Read the details here. I am in!

Today I also recommend you to read some  good grammar reminders at Femina, Please feel bad, but don’t feel badly.

Well, this is a piece of our weekend; what are your plans for this weekend?

Rejoicing in Him,

2 thoughts on “>A Piece of Our Weekend

  1. >Becky,Sorry to hear about your friend dying. But yes, the husband's comment is definitely deep gratitude in the valley. Hard to do that sometimes.So I'm glad to see you're going to be doing Rebecca Writes "November of Thanksgiving" celebration, too. I'll look forward to seeing what all you will share. I know it will be encouraging!Happy 7th birthday to your daughter!Blessings,Lisa


  2. >Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. Happy birthday to your girl 🙂 I like what your friend said about borrowing his wife from God — that is gratitude in the valley indeed!We are having a family/friend get together at my parents' tonight. There will be a bonfire, a hayride and lots of fellowship :)Have a blessed weekend!


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