>Giving Thanks Today


We fold our hands, bow our heads and give thanks to our Father in Heaven. She is seven and loves to be close to me; I love to hold her and cuddle up to read our Bible.

When night comes, I see a lamp on in my sons’ bedroom; I peek inside and find them reading their Bible. My young lady keeps a journal, with prayers and thanks.

These are gifts that I treasure. These are gifts that comes from God. My husband and I have been obedient in teaching our children the Word; we have talked to them when they rise, when they lay down, when we walk and when we sit at the table, however, it is not because of us that our children are walking in the Truth. It is a gift that comes from God. I would say that it is in spite of us, that our children are walking in light.

My gratitude list goes on, and today I am grateful for these…

873. My children reading the Bible and praying on their own.

874. A little one holding my hand to pray.

875. A precious little girl reciting several passages from the Scripture.

876.  A homeschool curriculum that requires my children to read “The Holiness of God”, by Sproul

877. Books written for children that not only teach “Bible stories”, but deep truths, grounded in sound doctrine.

878. Surprising my daughter and taking her early in the morning to Starbucks.

879. My husband’s embrace. I will never stop thanking God for this!

888. A beautiful surprise!

889. Warm clothes.

890. Orange scones and coffee on a cold morning.

891. Treasures unwrapped in Philippians.

892. My beautiful daughter learning how to make buttons for our blogs 🙂

893. The moon.

894. Nights.

895. Fingers dancing over the piano keys, filling my heart with joy and my eyes with tears.

896. Learning to persevere in prayer.

897. Filling pages on my journal.

898. Reminding my soul not to worry about tomorrow.

899. God’s promises for His own.

900. Seasons of life. (The painting at the beginning of this post is one I painted in one  of the seasons of my life, where I spent my days playing with pigments and water))

Raise your voice with me, and give Him thanks, for His mercies are new every morning!

8 thoughts on “>Giving Thanks Today

  1. >Wonderful blessings, Becky! I just purchased Meade's Mighty Acts in Creation book. The children are finishing up memorizing Gen. 1, and it seems like a great book to read now. You are very blessed, friend!


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