>Thinking of You, Sweet Baby


When you only have one sister and she lives in another country, and she is pregnant for the third time and you have never seen her holding a baby in her womb. 

You feel the distance. 

You wish you could have wings to fly to her and hold her hand and look at her eyes and hug her. 

Isn’t this what sisters are for? 

Aren’t these moments those we need each other the most?

I think of you in the morning, sweet baby.
Isn’t it you we have been dreaming about for years?
You are in a safe place right now,
No one can hurt you where you are being woven,

where you Creator is crafting a master piece.

The song you hear all day long is your mama’s voice.
Isn’t it beautiful?
Her prayers for you rise early every morning,
and her last words at night are blessings upon you.
She is preparing a place for you,
she loves colors and fabric, and needles, and thread,
Her hands are working in delight
so you will find a place to rest your precious little head.
With her hands she sews, but with her heart she wovens
prayers and prayers, and tears fall down.
You, precious baby, will be born in sin.
Who can deny it?
We all were born death.
Your mama fears the Lord and she knows this truth well.
But fear not, little one,

for Your Redeemer lives!

And mama and papa will teach you the Truth.
They will day and night, when you raise and go to bed,
teach you the Scriptures that will make you wise unto Salvation.
Listen to them, even from now.
The Sovereign One has chosen to place you in this God-fearing home.
Fear not, little one, mama will pray for you day after day;
her trust is placed on the One who is mighty to save,
who has conquered death and has risen again,
and whose hand is not short to save.
My little one, mama will hold you with such tender care,
she is preparing all for the seasons to come.
In the Spring she will plant the seed of the Word in your heart,
In the Summer she’ll wait for the Lord to send showers
and make His Word yield much fruit in you.
During the Autumn, when leaves fall and all seems to die,
she will raise her eyes to the hills and now that you will stand firm.
The winter will come, but she will not fear for she knows the Lord
will hold you tight.
I think of you in the morning, sweet baby.
Isn’t it you we have been dreaming about for years?
I love you!

Today I am grateful for the children born in Christian homes and for godly parents who diligently teach the Word of God to their children.

8 thoughts on “>Thinking of You, Sweet Baby

  1. >Becky,How blessed your sister is to have you! Your words are so precious. I'm thankful, too, for Christian homes and for the awesome privilege to teach our children the Word of God.May God grant you the joy of seeing your sweet sister SOON.


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