>Slow Mornings

>I enjoy slow mornings, and today I am thankful for those days when things slow down a bit and you just smile and take the time catch unto some reading, and post a picture of “yellow”… (my daughter invited me to play along ….)

May you enjoy slowing down a bit this weekend.

Under His sun and by His grace,

5 thoughts on “>Slow Mornings

  1. >Jen, Trisha, Christina, and Persis,Guess what? It is not the common thing for us to have slow mornings on Fridays! Today it was different because we are starting the Thanksgiving Break! :)I even had time to go to Starbucks with my oldest son and had coffee in the morning! Love it! :)Blessings to you on your weekend as well.


  2. >Becky,What a sweet thing for you and your daughter to do together. Your children must get so much of their creativity from you.I, too, love those slower mornings. For me, they're usually Saturdays. Have a beautiful weekend!


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