>The Holiness of God – Chapter Seven-

>I am a homemaker, so as you can imagine, today I am busy preparing a feast to celebrate His goodness, but I just don’t want to skip this post; the book, the group, the conversation has been so rich.

Job Confessing His Presumption to God Who Answers from the Whirlwind; William Blake c. 1804

On this chapter Dr. Sproul takes us to see four different characters in the Bible; Jacob, Job, Habakkuk, and Saul; all of them wrestled with God. God overcame them and they found peace; all of them had questions to ask; all of them dared to raise their voices with questions, none of them got answers, instead they were summoned by God; He asked them some other questions and they could not answer.

I love the way Sproul talks about Job. Once Job found out that he did not have the answers to God’s questions and that God was not answering his questions, what happened?

” …Job was satisfied. even though God gave no answers, Job’s questions were put to rest.He received a higher answer than any direct reply could have provided. God answered Job’s questions not with words but with Himself. As soon as Job saw who God is, Job was satisfied. Seeing the manifestation of God was all that he needed. He was able to leave the details in God’s hands. Once God himself was no longer shrouded in mystery, Job was able to live comfortably with a few unanswered questions. When God appeared, Job was so busy repenting that he did not have time for further challenges. His rage was directed to himself: ‘I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes'”

Maybe questions have already come to your heart.

Maybe they will come in the near future.

What do we do with those questions?

Do we raise our fists trying to fight against God?

I just read, with tears,  the words of a young man who grew up in a an Evangelical Church, he tweeted: “I have decided to be an atheist because I have many questions and God has too many secrets”

Let our words be few; lest He turns towards us not to give us answers but to ask us questions which we will not be able to answer.

It is He who asks.

It is us who must learn to be quiet and be satisfied with the silence; It is us who must learn to trust in His Sovereign hand orchestrating every event in our lives, and so live comfortably with few unanswered questions.

We have heard people say that they are keeping a journal with many questions they plan to ask God one day in Heaven, let me share with you these words that  Persis, who has been tried by fire  once wrote:

“I am still pondering God’s greatness in His creation. I have so many questions that I would like to ask the Lord about the universe, creation, the fall of man… But when I’m in heaven, I wonder if I will even remember them. At that time, being in the presence of God will be enough. I’m thankful that I can look forward to that day.”

Let this words be our comfort, no matter how big our questions might be, if we fear the Lord, we should know that He is beyond and above all those questions we have, and one day, when we see Him face to face, all those questions will be like vapor, like shadows; His glory will be sufficient, and we will be in peace.


Today I am grateful, because even though God is too wonderful for me to comprehend, and His holiness is beyond my reach, He has opened my eyes to see a glimpse of His glory and has given me the promise that I will behold Him face to face one day, and I will be satisfied, I will long for nothing no more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


5 thoughts on “>The Holiness of God – Chapter Seven-

  1. >Lovely post, Becky. You did a wonderful job summarizing this chapter, bringing forth the gems God tucked away for us to discover in His Word through His dealings with chosen men of old. There have been times in my life when I was a Habakkuk, a Job, a Jacob. And on some level, even a Saul. But it was my Jacob experience that brought me the freedom and peace I so deeply needed. After a long stare into the abyss during that time of wrestling, it was as though I felt the breath of God, and I've not been the same since, only blessed to "walk with a limp."Un abrazo fuerte,-EMany blessings,-E


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