>My Favorite List -Every Monday-

> The Christmas lights started to shine this weekend in our home; we bought our tree and brought it home with joy,  beautiful music filled our place as we turned on the first Christmas lights. The story is ready to be unfold, to be read again, to be lived every day. Isn’t  wonderful how we stop to celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord? Isn’t is wonderful to turn on the first Christmas lights only to be reminded that Light overcame darkness? Isn’t is wonderful to stop and meditate on the greatest miracles of all: God made man?

For this I am grateful today:

949. My friend Ann and her willingness to serve.

950. A baby’s heart beat.

951. Orchids and a beautiful friend taking the time to teach us about the wonders of these flowers.

952. Tropical flowers, a miracle indeed.

953. Birds, beautiful creatures, reminding us of His faithfulness.

954. A Medieval feast.

955. A Christmas tree, and the first lights shining in our home.

956. A beautiful family willing to celebrate.

957. The Jesse Tree

958. Advent Readings

959. A prayer about the Advent Arms of God

960. The privilege of having the Holy Supper

961. The  Word of God. Hearing Him speak to me through the Holy Scriptures.

962. The privilege of coming to God in prayer.

963. Light overcoming darkness.

964. The Epistle of Romans

965. The mystery of the marriage bed.

966. Being a Mom.

967. This wonderful word:  “Yes”

968. Learning to say “No”

969. A grateful heart.

970. Friends at Rebecca Writes, raising our voices together this month to celebrate and proclaim His goodness.

971. A recipe from my friend Terri, thank you!

972. A brand new week ahead.

973. Mel, a beautiful young lady!  (see her pictures here)

974. You. – You-

Let us extol His name together for His mercies are new every morning!

 The A is for Advent – Z is for Zeal posts series will continue tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “>My Favorite List -Every Monday-

  1. >Hi Becky! I need contact info from you to mail you the calendar! So thrilled you won! Could you leave me your email address and we can connect that way? I can't find contact info on your blog.


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