>"Brumous" -a Photo Play-

>I have missed the last two photo plays over at my friends’ place; but I did not want to miss play along this time.

The theme is Brumous and it was fun to play along mostly because my husband was behind me teaching me how to do this. I love him so much!

I took these pictures this morning just to play along.

Tonight I will come back with “Brumous at Night” (just can’t resist it!)

Journeying under His sun and by His grace,

4 thoughts on “>"Brumous" -a Photo Play-

  1. >Wow, Becky! Every time I turn around I get another glimpse into one of your many gifts! I am so blessed by you and how you truly use all of your giftings and resources for the glory of God! You truly are a treasure and I am blessed to have you as my friend! Pray you have a beautiful Lord's Day tomorrow!!! xoxoxo


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