>Endless Gifts on Monday


“At that time Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, where she entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth” (Luke 1:39-40 )

After Mary heard the news from the angel she ran to Elizabeth’s home; she couldn’t wait; she hurried to tell her the good news. Calvin says,

“Let us therefore learn from her example. If God should give us some token of his favour, we must bear witness to him before men. Our aim should be not only to confess him with our lips – a sacrifice he rightly demands of us – but to build everyone up and to urge each other on in perfect harmony and concord, so that the whole world may echo his praises… So whenever we speak about what God has done, we should strive to show how much we depend on him alone, and how awe have comes freely from his bountiful hand.” (1)

This is why I make publicly my gratitude list, I want to share,  to tell everyone about God’s goodness to me, to my family, to his people; I don’t deserve anything, I don’t “claim promises”; I don’t  “confess with my mouth” to receive His goodness. What I receive from His hand is grace, mercy, unmerited favors.

How can I live without proclaiming His goodness? I am, ABSOLUTELY dependent of God.

Let us rejoice together, let us praise Him for all that He has done, let us not forget all those little things that make up our daily journey happy; let us pray so that we might have eyes to see His hand in every circumstance, so that we may praise Him together.

1015. His Word translated into Spanish.

1016. His Word translated into Kimyal language.

1017. Being Joyful in the mercies of God (great food for the soul)

1018. Friends over and happy fellowship with our brothers and sisters in our home.

1019. Having fun with “piñatas”

Pixels and Strories

1020. Three girls laughing around a gingerbread house.

Pixels and Stories

1021. Candies in cupcakes, reminding me of how sweet it is to spend time with my girls.

1022. Coffee time with my precious daughter and my mom.

1023. A long and happy conversation with my two young men. I am grateful to see how Jesus is being formed in them.

1024. My oldest son staying up late, chatting and laughing with our youngest daughter. What a gift to hear them laugh!

1025. Sloppy Joes to feed a happy crowd.

1026. These breakfast muffins on a cold Saturday morning.  (voted the favorite ones around here)

1027. The most amazing verse in the Bible.

1028. Having the kind of friends you really miss all year ’round.

1029. My Journal.

1030. Finding my little one reading her Bible on her bed.

1031. Songs from the prayer closet.

May your mouth be filled with His praises today, may His song be your song today!

Much love,

6 thoughts on “>Endless Gifts on Monday

  1. >I just came across your blog from another, and I love your alternative to Voskamp – godliness with contenment IS great gain, but I, too, have some huge concrens with her theology after reading her book.I'm following now.Jessica


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