>All is Grace


“A Quiet heart is content with what God gives. It is enough. All is Grace.” Elisabeth Elliot

 New morning, new mercies… All is Grace.

My Gratitude list goes on… I share it with you because I want  to stir you up to praise God with me today for His never-ending  gifts.

1032. Our gratitude family journal, a never ending list.

1033. New Year.

1034. New Day.

1035. New Minutes.

1036. A coffee pot made by husband this morning for me.

1037. Family coming to visit.

1038. Children switching from English and Spanish and Spanish to English.

1039. A little boy’s saying after breaking the piñata and gathering candies: “I do not need any more”

1040. Smiles behind fever.

1042. Finding out that the fun behind a game is the people you play with.

1043. My mom’s delicious food.

1044. Our Christmas Tree still up.

1045. Teddy bears and little ones with a big smile.

1046. Brownies in a box.

1047.  Brownie in hand.

1048. Brownie in plate.

1049. P2R (Partner to Remember)

1050. “Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ…” All that this means!

1051. School starting today.

1052. The Tenth Day of Christmas

1053. Living under the shadow of His wings.

May your mouth be filled with His praises today!

All is Grace….

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