>Friday…How it Looks Around Here

>Exam week is over on the home front… at least for our children; they are excited about a longer weekend and I am too! This mom, however,  still has some grading to do. (And it is OK, I am happy with that; I LOVE to see how my Spanish 1 students are already writing 250 words paragraphs and my Spanish 2 students are putting together words and sentences forming 500 words paragraphs!)


Have you ever found something on the Internet  that you just love, a photo, a product, a painting, a book, a purse, a recipe, a cozy space, a sofa, a lamp, a journal, a notebook, a pen, a pencil…. and then you forget where it was?

Well, look at this great place I found (HT. Geninne), Pinterest. It is an online catalog in which you are the curator and you keep track of the pretty things and great ideas you find from here and there. I am just starting my own catalog but you can see what I have already pinned here (link is now working!)

View Becky...'s Pins on Pinterest

You will soon see this link on my side bar… just for fun, just so you get a better idea of what I like! 🙂


And the fun part…  A craft for “Big Boys and Girls” (Note that  I say it is an activity for big boys and girls, because they will need to use pins… lots of pins!)

Palo de Lluvia, a Mayan Musical Instrument
  (sorry I don’t know the name in English and couldn’t find it!)
 * You need a thimble, pins, a cardboard tube (the longer the better), glue, scissors, paints, brushes, and lentils.
 * Following the spiral pattern of the cardboard press in the pins using the thimble.

* Now with some cardboard or construction paper cover one end.

* Now put about 3 spoons of lentils in the tube.

* Cover the other end and start painting it.

 * Now you are ready to make some Mayan music.

Have a most wonderful weekend!

5 thoughts on “>Friday…How it Looks Around Here

  1. >Becky,These look like quite the fun project. I'm picturing now how much fun my Littles would have with the pins. LOLThank you, too, for the Pinterest link. It's fun to look at your favorite finds!Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!


  2. >Petra, really? as simple as rain sticks? Yes! That is what it is! :)I love the beautiful sound they make.. every time I see one I want to buy it bit then, after seeing the price tag, I think that I don't really need it; but do you want to know a little secret? Next time I see one… I WILL buy it! Much love!


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