>Gift Wrap Respect for Your Husband


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“let the wife see that she respects her husband.” Ephesians 5:33

What about giving our husband the gift of respect?  There are different ways in which we could communicate respect for our husband and in doing so we obey God who commands us to do so. Today, however, I want to focus on one specific area in which I have seen so many women lacking a respectful attitude towards their husband: the coffee table.

It seems the natural thing to do, girl friends around the coffee table chatting about the kids, shoes, laundry that needs to be fold, books, nails… and all the shortcomings of their husbands. All these ladies are friends from Church.  Why no one seems to bother?

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Dear sisters, we must learn that we are called to be respectful with our husband. We must see that we honor him in his presence and in his absence; in front of our children, parents and friends as well as in our room when the door is closed. This is pleasing to God; this is what God wants us to do; we cannot walk from coffee table to coffee table sharing the weaknesses of our husband.

Isn’t this grace? Covering his shortcoming with love? Isn’t this the warmest hug we could give him? Isn’t this love making, too?

Don’t fall in the game, run away from those “friends” whose greatest joy seems to be exposing their husbands in public, even behind the “spiritual” scheme of a “petition of prayer”.

O that we may learn to love our husband passionately with our words, in private and in public;  that we may find it a joy to give him respect and honor every day.

May the words of our mouth be always pleasing to our Father in Heaven; may our words love passionately.

8 thoughts on “>Gift Wrap Respect for Your Husband

  1. >I totally agree! We need to be so careful about what we say about our husbands, which means we have to be careful about our heart attitudes towards them. It is one of the reasons David and I are quick to settle differences. Neither of us wants to carry on in the day with resentment or misunderstanding. Being committed to resolving differences quickly helps tremendously in guarding our hearts from speaking shamelessly about one another and keeps us in harmony.


  2. >Becky, I feel the same way that you do about this universal problem. But I do think we can help women out through leading by example. When the conversation goes in that direction we can use the opportunity to speak words of praise for our own husbands and even theirs! I have also suggested to the fault finding woman that she find those unique things about her hubby that she loves, and be thankful for them. More times than not, they are comparing their husbands to someone elses thinking the grass is greener on the other side.


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