>Gratitude Monday -In Peace and Trials-


It happens again, it is my friends going through tough times while we are enjoying a peaceful and calm season. My friend’s mom is in the hospital, my other friend has lots of economical problems, and so on… and the question comes to my mind:

Why Lord?

Why not me?

And I type these words with fear because,  who will stand in the day of  trouble? Only the one who is holding fast to the Word of God will stand firm… am I? Am I ready for the days of trouble that might lay ahead?

I pray I will.

Meanwhile, while peace and joy, and health and bread, are in our home I feed my soul, I memorize the Word, I sing praises, and give thanks… I fill my “spiritual tank”, because  who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Please, dear friends, don’t take me wrong, I am not expecting hard times… I am just being realistic. The Lord brings his children through trials, through fire, through valleys to see what is in their heart and to show Himself powerful to them.

Today God’s providence has us laying on green pastures, and I am grateful for that.

1151. I am grateful for green pastures.

1152. I am grateful for friends whose faith encourages us around them.

1153. I am grateful for the perseverance of the saints.

1154. I am grateful that even though we are called to walk at times through dark valleys, He is our Pastor and never leaves us.

1155. I am grateful for friends who teach us to recite a poem when all our children are sick.

1156. A family whom we have not met, and will soon become a family to our son.

1157. Babies  growing in the womb. It never ceases to amaze me how this can happen!

1158. Having lunch with a friend I have not seen in more than 17 years!

1159. Planners and calendars…

1160. Eating lunch at my parents’ home every Monday.

1161. Strolling with my little one through beautiful flowers in a garden.

1162. Reading time…

1162.  Brown Sugar, coffee, and my daughters beside me!

1163. Phone calls from my Beloved in the middle of the day.

1164. My children’s kisses.

1165. I am so grateful that I don’t have free will.

1166. I am grtaeful for my sister.

1167.  A great book on my nightstand. (I will soon post a review!)

1168. Chocolate melting in my mouth! (Isn’t it wonderful that we can actually taste?)

1169. I am grateful for the challenge to become addicted to my Bible!

1170. Unutterable Grace.

1171. I am grateful for you… for visiting, for reading, for loving… thank you!

What makes you sing for joy today?

What are you grateful for this very moment?

Share with us so we can praise God with you today!

3 thoughts on “>Gratitude Monday -In Peace and Trials-

  1. >I am thankful that"if we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself." 2 Timothy 2:13I am thankful that His ways are not ours.I am thankful for mercy and grace because I am in need of much of it.And I am thankful for you.


  2. >You're so right about being ready for the trials that may come, and come they may. I pray with you that we would stand in Him, strong in faith, come what may! I love your list, beautiful, and thank you for including my thoughts on His unutterable grace! Love and blessings, beautiful friend!


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