>Lemon Tart with Rasperries for the Weekend -and some links and a book recommendation-

>I want to share with you a great recipe I found last week, and turned out GREAT! Keep in mind that this tart is delicious cold so, you may want to make it at least 8 hrs before you plan serving it.

You can find the recipe  here;  the only thing that we changed was adding lots of raspberries at the end, and believe me… the combination of the lemon, and raspberries is phenomenal.

Now, as for the weekend links…

Petra’s pen has written a beautiful poem, Homophones.

Diane has a great, well… excellent post on Calvinism that speaks for me too, please read it here, What’s in a Name?

Diane also brings to us words of comfort from the hand of Mrs. Spurgeon, Thanksgiving Street.

Rebecca’s Theological Term of the Week is an important one, Hyper- Calvinism

And one more little thing…

I am starting to read this book:

I am so grateful for the authors… this is a book we all need to read as our children grow into adulthood. Remember how many books you and I used to read on childrearing when our children were all little? Well, now I have a son who is almost 18 and is leaving for college this summer {lump in my throat} and I am grateful I found this book in which I am learning the art of being a mom to a young adult man.

May your weekend be full of moments in which you find yourself thinking on Him and His Word!

5 thoughts on “>Lemon Tart with Rasperries for the Weekend -and some links and a book recommendation-

  1. >Becky – Thank you for telling us about this book. My "babies" are 36, 32, and 26. Though I let go of them when they married and MYOB, it's still true, you never stop being a parent. You're always concerned for their well being. I would like to see what this book has to say.Also, thank you for linking to my post.With much love my friend.


  2. >Wow, I will have to try that recipe soon!! And thank you for spreading the poem around! Becky, I want you to know that I've heard the sweetest voice today and the laughter was very beautiful!! 😉 Love and blessings!


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