>Octavius Winslow’s Book -Help Heavenward- Chapter 9- and few other links-

>I am having a busy day here, but I encourage you to read Matthew Blair’s summary on chapter 9 of this excellent book by Octavius Winslow, Help Heavenward (read it here.)

Help Heavenward Chapter 9

And if you have time please read an excellent and very important post by Diane at Theology for Girls, entitled Discernment and the Elect Lady.

Theology for Girls

Lastly a quote from one of my dearest friends, Elizabeth,

“It’s common to want a quick fix, a cure for getting your troubled soul out of hock… But there’s no greater balm for sin than the cross of Christ, where does flow a bloody tide of forgiveness; removing wrath and pain, filling with peace and joy.”

Have a most blessed day dear friends,

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