>Being Specific in our Gratitude – Why it Matters-


Stones of Diverse Paths

What a wonderful thing it is to continue, after the Lord’s Day, praising God for all His benefits and graces!

It is my joy to share with you what the Lord has been doing here, in me, with me, around my family and friends; so that you may be moved too, to praise Him, and see His hand even in those little things that happen in our lives, and make our days, our life.

I have learned that being specific on my gratitude towards God, helps me grow in contentment. It is definitely, much easier to say “Thank you, Lord for all you give me”; than “Thank you, Lord for this and this, and this, and that…” And the same happens with our confession of sin, it is easier to say, “Lord, forgive all the sins that I have committed today”, than to stop and take the time to search my heart and lay it open before God and say, “Lord, forgive for me for this, and that, and this thing that I should have done and I didn’t…”

Another important thing I have learned, is that we are so “physical” oriented, so bound to all the things on earth, that if we are to grow in contentment, we must raise our eyes beyond the things that we enjoy in this world, and not only give thanks for them, but also for all the spiritual graces that we enjoy. It is, when we give thanks to our Heavenly Father, for all those spiritual graces, that our gratitude looks different than that of the unbelievers who are also trying to live in gratitude.

Today I am grateful, my heart is overflowing with gratitude because…

#1269- 1280

He has given me faith. And as the Puritan prayer reads, so I pray today:

“My God
I bless thee that thou hast given me the eye of faith,
to see thee as a Father,
to know thee as a covenant God,
to experience thy love planted in me…

Be pleased to live and move within me,
breathing in my prayers,
inhabiting my praises,
speaking in my words,
moving in my actions,
living in my life,
causing me to grow in grace”

I am grateful because I can read my Bible. I can feed my soul with the bread of life, and drink from the Word to satisfy my thirst.

I am grateful that the Lord is helping me to memorize the epistle of James; and for all the practical, day-to-day challenges to live the Christian life found in this epistle.

I am grateful for my friend, Elizabeth Hankins. The Lord has brought our paths together to encourage one another to memorize, meditate, and study the Word of God. You are a precious gift to me!

I am grateful, for my sons, see them playing, laughing, spending hours together is nothing else than the grace of God working in our family.

I am grateful for my daughters, their sweet spirit, and gentle heart blesses my soul every day.

I am so grateful for the gift of a new life! A baby, all complete, still in her mom’s womb is getting ready to be borned in a covenant family. It blesses my heart! The prayers, expectations, all the joys, the tiny clothes, and the big brothers awaiting with a heart full of love. Those are blessings from our Heavenly Father!

I am grateful for all the summer plans ahead of us; but mostly, because we can rest knowing that God holds our times in His hand and He knows the longings of our hearts. To be able to rest in His Divine Providence is a gift of grace.

I am grateful for my son, who is willing to laugh with me and have fun with mom, as I took a series of pictures of him tasting a bacon and dark chocolate bar. Just wonderful memories!

I am grateful for my son’s  friend visiting our family for a month. What a joy to share our home with this godly young man!

I am grateful for this day, for the errands, and the provision to buy all we need at home. His faithfulness never fails.

Praising God with you today.



2 thoughts on “>Being Specific in our Gratitude – Why it Matters-

  1. >Becky,Thank you! I am so grateful for you too, my dear sweet sister! It is so kind of God to allow us to share this season of our lives together as we encourage one another in the race! Stand firm, in the Lord, my friend!With much affection!Elizabeth


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