>I am Grateful for Temporal Blessings

>The days we spent on the beach last week were a blessing; just sitting early every morning by the ocean listening it roar, and seeing the skies proclaiming God’s glory was enough to want to stay just one more day…

While being there we read in our family devotions what Ezekiel Hopkins said about temporal blessings:

“Spiritual things are our greatest need, but God also allows us temporal blessings. We enjoy them as we might enjoy a visit to an inn. We refresh ourselves with the comforts there, but we must not remain there or seek our true rest from it. We are strangers and pilgrims upon earth; heaven is our country, and to there we are traveling. We are thankful for the world’s provisions during our journey, and we enjoy the bread we pray for a support in our passage home.  Our Saviour, in his providence, gives us heavenly blessings as a happy addition to the earthly blessings he daily bestows upon us… Whatever you enjoy is from his free bounty. He spreads your table and fills your cup. He is your health and strength, and he loads you daily with benefits. Do you have riches, honour friends, joy, and comfort? It is God who fills you with these good things. He is the great Lord and proprietor who brings forth abundantly from all his stores for the use and service man.”

Voices from the Past page 179

#1282- 1300

Today I am grateful for the earthly blessings that our Father has bestowed upon us…

A home away from home

Crashing waves that made me think of the might power of God.

One bucket, sand and shovels… time to build castles.

All different blues in the sky

Birds flying and singing out loud

Palm trees

Strong winds and beautiful storms

Wonderful food.

A night date with my Beloved.

Time to think

Boys playing in the waves.

Finding a lost kitten and looking for a safe place for it.

Taking time to look closely all kind of beautiful insects.

Early coffee with a majestic view.

My daughter’s photography eye

My companion through the Psalms this summer.

The epistle of James: A book to live.

A safe travel back home

More friends coming in today.

And you, what are those temporal blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon you? What are you grateful for this day?

Praising God with you today.


1 thought on “>I am Grateful for Temporal Blessings

  1. >Beautiful pictures, Becky.Here's a few temporal blessings that I'm thankful for: my daughter who is still sleeping, a roof over our heads when the thunderstorms roll through, watermelon, cucumbers, a mug of hot tea, God's provision thru my job, the internet, books, and dark chocolate.


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