Celebrating the Bounty of God’s Providence

Starting a week taking the time to celebrate the bounty of God’s providence is, without a doubt, a blessing because we start looking not to the things, that in God’s providence, we don’t have, but to the blessings that He has already bestowed upon us; and doing so we fight discontentment.

Let us remember that the best remedy against an unhappy, discontent heart is a grateful heart. One that has learned to sing gratitude songs even in the dark hour, one that is grateful for the earthly blessings and yet, does not love the world or the things of the world more than the Lord Himself.(I John 2: 15)

Richard Baxter wrote,

“We need to guard our lives against the love of riches and worldly cares. All love for earthly goods, however, is not a sin. Their sweetness is a drop of his love and they have his goodness imprinted of them. They kindle our love for Him as love tokens from our dearest friend. Loving them, is a duty, not a sin. Earthly blessings are the means of sustaining our bodies and preserving our life and health, as we do God the service we owe him on the world on our journey to heaven.”

Today I celebrate the bounty of God’s providence,  who has blessed our lives this week with… (#1375- 1388)

The joy of our salvation.

Food to nurture our bodies.

Skype sessions that have gladdened our days.

The ability to teach and to learn.

My girl, playing and jumping with a big smile, and (finally) being able to ride her bike! (just look at her so happy here)

Time to lift my feet up watching a beautiful sky!

Flowers that remind us that God dresses us more beautifully than them: even with a robe of righteousness.

Days of  productive work in our school


Yummy breakfasts on Monday

Love that is shown in prayers.

The body of Christ, a support in difficult times.

Grace that opens a way for us to come before the throne of God to intercede for those hurting.

The Word of God that never changes

Marriages that last.

Let us celebrate His goodness and the bounty of His providence today and praise his Name for only He is worthy to be praised.


6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Bounty of God’s Providence

  1. These pictures are incredibly beautiful, Becky. I'm also thankful for Skype. I have a niece in New York City that I skype with every few months.

    And marriages that last. A huge blessing to be in one and to see in others.

    Have a blessed week!


  2. Awesome post! I am swimming in the sea of God's good providence right now as well. He just provided a brand new van for our family, at an affordable cost and great piece of mind!

    I caught John MacArthur on the radio on the drive in this morning say, “The prayer of thanksgiving will be the only prayer that remains on into eternity!” What a thought!

    One day, all need for requests will no longer be needed as we will see Him and be like Him, complete in Christ!

    So ask much in this life, but praise MORE in this life as this is all you'll be doing in the next!!

    Thanks for the great post, Becky! Blessings from our mighty God to you and your family!


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