Friday: A Birthday Girl, an Invitation and Some Laughs.

Today 8 years ago, our little one came into our family an God blessed us with her existence. So today we will celebrate it, and for dinner we will be having, either green enchiladas at home or Chinese food at our favorite place. She is still undecided. But she knows she wants pumpkin pie. And we are very happy about that.

Are you wondering about her having a birthday party? Yes, of course; she will have one this weekend. Wait to see pictures on Monday!

Now an invitation. No, it is not to her birthday party but to another wonderful celebration.  (You know how fun it would be to have you over, right?)

October 31 we celebrate Reformation Day, and my dear friend Christina (whose birthday is also today!) will be hosting, starting that day, a wonderful series entitled Women of the Reformation.

“In this series, you will be introduced to twelve women of the Reformation by Reformed women passionate about, what Martin Luther called, “the true treasure of the church” — the Gospel.”

Please, join us. It will be a joy to learn along with you from these 12 wonderful, godly women.

And I also said I would like add some laughs to your weekend; well here you have it:

And this one is for my friend Elle, who has been thinking about chocolate lately. And of course, I now feel that I must recommend you all to read my post on How to Eat a Good Chocolate Bar in case you have not done so.

Have a most blessed weekend!


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