Lady Jane Grey, An Example of Faith -and a Giveaway-

Have you gone through hard providences? Were you raised by stiff parents who abused you emotionally and maybe even physically? Has you heart become hardened and bitter?

Today at Women of the Reformation, I share about Lady Jane Grey, a woman who suffered hard providences, and was raised by stiff parents who even abused her. However, she was grounded in the Word of God in such a way that she “stood firmly, facing death, not with a bitter heart against her earthly father, or against the Queen, but with her eyes fixed on Eternity, on Jesus Christ. Her heart had not been set on earthly treasures but on the things that are not from this world; and her hope did not rest in her actions, but on the saving work of Jesus Christ.”

Please, come over at Heavenly Springs with me, and be encouraged to “see how this woman understood that God is Sovereign over all circumstances, and how this understanding helped her to learn contentment while seeing God’s hand over her circumstances no matter how difficult they might be.”

I will be giving away a wonderful book, Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History by Diana Lyn Severance,   if you want your name “thrown in the hat”, please leave a comment (over at the original post at Heavenly Springs) to let me know that you are interested. International entries ok.  Winners will be announced next week at the conclusion of our series.

Have a most blessed Saturday, my friends,


1 thought on “Lady Jane Grey, An Example of Faith -and a Giveaway-

  1. Becky, thank you for painting such a stunning portrait of this beautiful soul! Her brief but significant life was not an easy one — she suffered greatly but in the end, the Lord took her. Thank you so much for pouring out your heart and soul in order to introduce us to this precious sister! I love you!


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