Rest and Give Thanks

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Rest and Give Thanks

“This motto was inscribed on a fountain, intended for the accommodation of travelers. Weary, the traveler needs rest. Thirsty, he needs drink. Both are provided and presented to him freely, he may well therefore be directed to give thanks. The fact is,we are not half thankful enough. Perhaps if we were kept in more need — we would be more grateful for what we have. But the Lord daily loads us with his benefits. Most of us have cause to say, “My cup runs over!” The lines have fallen unto us in pleasant places, yes, we have a goodly heritage… But I fear we are very ungrateful, and are apt to dwell more on a few trials — than on a thousand mercies. May the Lord, by his Holy Spirit, open a fountain of gratitude in all our hearts.

But the motto of the fountain, is very much like the gospel. That calls us to REST:

To rest from labor and useless toil.

To rest from cares and fears.

To rest from doubts and misgivings.

To rest in the midst of a restless world.

To rest at the feet of Jesus.

To rest on the Word of Jesus.

To rest on the finished work of Jesus.

To rest and be safe.

To rest and be happy.

Faith, is resting on Jesus — staying ourselves on his Word, on his perfect work. Trusting him to save us. Confiding in him to answer for our sins, provides for us a title to Heaven, and prepares us for going there.

Jesus gives . . .
rest to the troubled conscience,
rest to the weary heart,
rest to the anxious spirit,
the moment we believe on him.

Sinner, here is rest for you. Carry your burden no further. Labor for life no longer. You are heavy laden, “Rest and Give Thanks!”

Thank God for such a precious Savior.

Thank God for such a seasonable rest.

Thank God for a fountain of living water.

Thank God for a free salvation — a full salvation;

so that it is represented by an ever full, an ever flowing fountain.

Thank God that you live in such a day — in such a place.

Rest and enjoy yourself, and then praise God.

Drink and satisfy your soul, and for such a favor give God thanks.

May I, as I pass along the journey of life, and amidst all its weariness, keep my eye on Jesus, and “rest and give thanks.”

James Smith, 1860

I am grateful because the Lord is teaching me what it means to pray without ceasing.

The Valley of Vision and my friends who are praying along.

For the examples of women of faith who have challenged me to consider how I am living in the moment of History in which it has pleased God to frame my life.

“I Thank you for showing me the vast difference between knowing things by reason, and knowing them by the Spirit of faith” The Valley of Vision

Being reminded that “good works are our response to the finished good work of Christ…that good works as worship are acts of thankfulness and joy” J.C. Wilson, Gospel Wakefulness

It is Monday, today we start our labor, our business, but I’d like to encourage you, whenever you feel weary, tired, when the burdens of the day are many, when the bad news come, when the day seems too long, when the tears can’t find a way out because your children are seeing you, when your soul feels heavy to take time during the day, to seek him,  to just “rest and give thanks”.

Under His sun and by His grace,



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