Grateful for My Sister

A sister knows you well,
so she prays for you,
prays with you,
cries with you,
and laughs with you.

A sister drinks tea,
while you drink coffee,
she loves boots,
and so do you.

Your sister and you enjoy chocolate.
Both have different ways of doing some things,
but look alike in some many other ways.

Your sister gives you words of encouragement
and speaks hard words.
and loving words.

A real sister encourages you to be bold,
to dare to do things you never thought you would.
like this:

I am so grateful for my sister and for the beautiful time we have spent together these past weeks. I will sure miss her until I see her again, God willing, next summer!

And I am grateful for my sisters in Christ, who have been close to me in so many ways this past year. I love each one of you; you are a gift to me.


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