On Learning the Art of the Handwritten Note -and a Winner-

The journey on the Vast Ocean of Words continues and I am so happy that I am not sailing alone. Thank you, dear Friends, for joining me. You make it even more special.

Among the books I have planned to read on this journey is the one I started reading yesterday evening with one of my daughters: The Art of the Handwritten Note; A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Communication by Margaret Shepherd. We enjoyed the preface and the first chapter so much that I just thought I would love it if you and I could have the opportunity to sit on a beautiful café to talk about this. Oh how I would love it if I could read some parts of it aloud to you (Yes, and you would finally get to hear my Mexican accent!) But well, let us pretend we are there… a little street in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, and you are listening to me as I read to you…

“The handwritten note has so many virtues that you ought to reach for pen and paper first, before you pick up the phone or move the mouse. In contrast to a phone call, a handwritten note doesn’t arrive demanding to be read when you’ve just sat down to dinner; it courteously lets you know who sent it even before you open it; you won’t be annoyed by the sounds coming from the pens of compulsive note-writers at the next table in your favorite restaurant… And in contrast to e-mail, a handwritten note looks beautiful and feels personal; you won’t get an electronic virus from opening a handwritten note nor find a list of last week’s lamebrained jokes. You can still write a note by candlelight when your electricity fails, and mail your note while your server is down.”

“When a handwritten note comes in the mail, people pay special attention to what it says. It announces beyond a doubt that the reader really matters to you. Your handwritten insures that your words will be read and thought about in a way that can’t be mimicked by print, e-mail, or voice.”


“Furthermore, the handwritten note does more than inspire the reader who reads it; it inspires the writer who writes it. Your words not only look better when you write them, but the act of writing them enables you to choose better words. You’ll probably be pleasantly mysteriously surprised to find that the flowing line of pen and ink lets you express yourself in ways that key tapping just doesn’t allow.”


“A handwritten note is like dining by candlelight instead of flicking on the lights…”


What do you think? Do you have the habit of writing handwritten notes? Any thoughts on this?


As I promised, today I am announcing the winner of Douglas Wilson’s Book, Wordsmithy. Are you ready?

The winner is:

Suzanne, please send me your mail address at dailyonmywaytoheaven at yahoo dot com; I would love to send you your book soon.

Have a joyous week and take the time write a few beautiful and thoughtful handwritten notes.

Always under His shadow,


11 thoughts on “On Learning the Art of the Handwritten Note -and a Winner-

  1. I love this, you have inspired me to write more notes to people and use snail mail. I especially love finding a nice card without any text in it so I can use the entire space to write something personal.
    Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Beautiful post from a beautiful heart! In my darkest times, i can remember the handwritten notes that trickled in…they strengthened and encouraged my heart. I think it's especially important to remember those who are homebound such as senior citizens or those with illnesses that keep them from being outside. These notes have such a way of uplifting the soul! You are not forgotten, is what they say!

    Thank you for this post!


  3. I love this post. E-mails can be nice in a pinch, but it is the letter that someone took time to write, to put in an envelope and address to us, that mean the most. Those are the ones a person can hold in their hand, read and re-read…and feel your touch across the miles. I wrote one today, and although I typed it, I printed it out to mail…to someone I don't really know, but one who is going through a difficult time. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to anoint it in such a way that His presence is there falling on the one I sent it to, as he reads it. Yes, a letter in someone's hand says so much more than an e-mail ever could. Thanks for sharing these quotes!


  4. Hi Becky,
    I love it that you have posted on this subject of a personal note. As you know, personal notes are important in building and maintaining relationships. It is somewhat of a lost art in our society, especially notes of gratitude or a well received thank you note. In that, I would love to hand write my notes, but due to hand cramping I have given that up and have resorted to hand making most of my note cards and imprinting my personal note onto the card. Yes, hand writing would be best. Just doesn’t work for me.

    Love you,


  5. Becky,
    How pleased I was to see your post. I have notes to write on my list today.
    You inspired me to find the notewriting book I grabbed last year, I am wondering if it is the same one?
    Blessings on you,


  6. How surprised I was to see my name this morning!

    I am so thankful for godly woman like you all who share and give of yourself online. I have been truly blessed. Looking forward to learning once again through the lens of Douglas Wilson.

    God bless,


  7. I love both giving and receiving handwritten notes! And, Becky, I loved 'having' coffee with you – so rich and dark! – and your lovely accent made the reading that much better!

    Blessings, friend!


  8. Trisha, when I finish reading this book, I will read, from the same author, The Art of the Personal Letter. I remember when I used to write lots of letters, and I want to do it again!

    Leslie, If I can only look as beautiful as Salma Hayek! Ha! 🙂


  9. Funny, you sound like Salma Hayek when you read to me in my mind. 😉 I had forgotten how lovely and considerate was/is the handwritten note. I encourage my children to write letters (they have pen-pals), but when I correspond I almost always use email. I received a letter in the mail not too long ago from a long-time blog-reader turned friend. It was so thoughtful and special to get a real piece of mail!

    Thanks for sharing! And congratulations, Suzanne!


  10. Congratulations to Suzanne!

    I love writing notes, and it's one thing I've resolved to do more of this year. I used to write letters all of the time. What lovely inspiration in the quotes you've shared. Love you!


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