Grateful for Our Love Story

Because it is February and “love is in the air”…

I woke up close to my man, and as he noticed that I was awake he held me closer. And just being there, in my favorite place to be, I kept thinking with my eyes half closed.

Isn’t this why waited? To wake up together in bed.

Isn’t this what we dreamed of?  To sleep side by side all nights, all of our lives.

Isn’t this the story we desperately wanted to live?

And now we are in it, we are living it. It is for real.

After all these years we are still making and living our love story, and I don’t want to forget that.

The dreams we dreamed many years ago. The words we spoke. The promises we made. The Yes-I-Do. The growing old together. All this is actually happening and I want to enjoy every second of it; after all, it is our love story. I am the wife and I am married to the man of my dreams.

Who have thought that the “And they lived happily ever after” is true, not because happiness is easy to have, but because the trials are many. The living-happily-ever-after, happens because together we have fought dragons, and walked through valleys of desolation, and have seen not only our physical nakedness, but our naked souls. Because we have not only said to each other “te amo” a thousand of times, but because we have also forgiven each other more than a thousand of times.

Somehow, when one has been married for several years, it is easy forget that we are living the love story we dreamed of. Why? When did we stop seeing the daily routine as the frame in which our love would grow stronger? In what page number of our story did we stop looking intensely at each other’s eyes? In what chapter did we stop getting excited to listen to each other’s voice over the phone, and long for a long embrace at night?

All good stories are worth reading over and over again. And when we don’t understand a part of it, we must go back and re-read, and find the missing pieces to try to understand. Why not going back… a few pages or maybe a few chapters and see what is it that we have missed?

Maybe a long kiss has the magic to bring fire to that love story again…

Maybe a yes…

Maybe a note…

Maybe an embrace when he gets home…

You know how you started your story with the one you love; reread the beginning and find, please, by all means find whatever it takes to keep the fire on. Do whatever it takes to keep dreaming and writing, and living your love story.

Today I am grateful, deeply grateful to my God and my husband…

#1489  for our beautiful love story. I want to keep on writing it with him… living it at his side.


8 thoughts on “Grateful for Our Love Story

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL post my friend! Thank you for letting us see a little into your heart and for sharing it with us. How precious it is to remind ourselves that we are living out our love story…thank you for making me stop and think today.

    May the LORD bless you and your husband with MANY more years together. For HIS glory!

    Blessings to you!


  2. “Who have thought that the “And they lived happily ever after” is true, not because happiness is easy to have, but because the trials are many.” This whole paragraph is so beautifully penned and true. Of course all of it is most beautiful! May we never forget that we are living our dream!! Blessings and love!


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