His Story of Grace in my Life

Writing about the story of how His grace reached me took me more than a month; and you already know it wasn’t because of my meticulous writing skills. It took me all this long because I did not want to sound like a woman sharing from the pulpit in one of those “Testimonies Nights.” I remember well how it goes,  the hand-claps are “offered to God,” but at the end, the glory goes to men. So I re-wrote this piece many, many times. It is His story, not mine. I did not choose it. He wrote it before I even existed. And I am so grateful for that!

Today I am sharing His story of grace in my life  over at Desiring Virtue; want to come read?

Under His sun and by His grace,


Desiring Virtue

3 thoughts on “His Story of Grace in my Life

  1. I loved your story of grace Becky. I hold on tightly to the fact that “Salvation is of the Lord”. Not only for myself, but it's the hope I cling to for those I love who don't know Him yet. Thank you.


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