Why I Recommend These Books -Part 2: Living the Gospel-

¡Hola! Greetings from South Carolina! One of my daughters and I are visiting our dear friends in Greenville -a gorgeous city, by the way-, and let me tell you that waking up to a hot cup of French pressed coffee and many good conversations in the porch with my good friend have been the reason why this blog has been put on hold these past days.

So today, while my friend is in the gym and I am still in my pj’s -and not feeling guilty at all-,  I am taking the time to put together my second post on the book recommendations I promised to share with you this summer (the first part -on fiction books- can be found here).

The two books I would like to recommend to you today are books that help us live the gospel in our day to day life. It is my hope that you find these short reviews helpful.


 Ligonier Ministries

First, the kind of devotionals that I would strongly recommend to you above any other are expository commentaries -those that walk you verse by verse through a bible book-. I have found that reading a book of the Bible slowly,  praying over it, studying it verse by verse is a wonderful and extremely helpful way to grow in the Word of God.

R.C. Sproul wrote a series of expositional commentaries that have been very helpful to me. This summer I am delighting in the gospel of John and Sproul’s commentary has been, once again, a huge blessing to me.

We cannot live the gospel if we don’t know and understand the gospel. That is why it is very important that you may seriously consider putting aside some of the “soul-touching”, tea-friendly books,  and start diving deeper into the Word of God. Commentaries like this one will certainly help you as you do so, and the benefits will be beyond what you expect.


Second, Douglas Wilson’s newest book, Father Hunger, has been a great and very important read for me this summer. Wilson is a wonderful author and teacher that word by word, sentence by sentence makes his points clear, always in a straight and firm way, but never lacking to point to the grace of the gospel.

Why is it important, very important, that all my female friends read this book about fatherhood? Well, I have sadly learned in the past few months that feminism and egalitarianism are finding their way into the church in a very subtle, seductive and effective way, capturing the hearts and minds of many of our brothers and sisters. In his new book, Douglas Wilson explains in a clear and detailed way the theology of fatherhood, and in doing so, he explains why egalitarianism and feminism -and the lack of masculinity thereof- are not conformed to the biblical frame that God has established.

Please, get this book and read it. Pass it along. Have your sons and daughters read it. We need men willing to do everything the Lord has appointed them to do in order to satisfy the father hunger in which we live today.

Desiring God posted 20 quotes from this book that will certainly give you a very good overview of it (you can read them here). You can also go to Canon Wired and listen to some of the lectures Douglas Wilson has given on this topic.

My friend is back from the gym, and we already drank two cups of coffee. Now I can almost hear the peppered bacon calling my name.

Blessings to you all as you enjoy your summer!


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