Saul Was Not Alone

Saul was a humble man,
Until he realized that he was not alone.
There were more warriors,
More men in the fight.
He was a king,
But not The King
And he had forgotten that.
Saul’s eyes looked at the young man,
And his heart was hardened.
One sling, five stones,
And Goliath, the man who feared not the Lord,
Fell and his spear brought his death.
Saul’s heart did not rejoice.
The glory was not his,
The songs were not for him.
Pride found its way into the man,
Rage and Envy took over Saul’s heart.
And he did not have eyes to see that
He was falling like the Philistine,
The warrior who did not fear the Lord.
Saul looked at himself in the mirror,
And only saw what he wanted to see,
A fake image of himself.
He kept deceiving his heart,
But the Lord was not with
Him anymore.
Pride anticipated his fall,
He did not hear the warning,
He rejected the voice of the Lord.
Pride had dominion over him,
He died imprisioned by Rage,
And Envy ate him alive.
The young man kept
Hiding in caves,
Playing the harp,
Sharpening his sword,
Singing to the Lord.
The Lord was with David,
He waited and prayed,
And did not lose hope.
The shepherd of the sheep,
Became the shepherd of a nation.
The slayer of bears and lions,
And Philistines,
Became king.
The story lies there for us
To read,
To learn.
Pride precedes the fall of all those
Who reject God’s Word.
Who think they are alone,
And welcome Pride
And Envy,
And Rage,
And look in the mirror
And find only
What they want to see.



2 thoughts on “Saul Was Not Alone

  1. Becky,
    I really like the way this looks and what it says. Worth saying and said worthily. (Not sure that's a word – but I'm leaving it in)
    Dear Sister, I always look forward to glimpsing God and his thoughts through your eyes – thank you for sharing. He has in deed blessed you as you with your words as you follow His.
    Grace, Peace and Joy,


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