Memorizing The Sermon on the Mount – A Printable Schedule-

My friend Lisa left a comment on yesterday’s post saying, “I’m crazy enough to join you but I’m also crazy enough to require lots of helps!” Well, here it is, to all my crazy friends, a simple schedule for you to print (I have no idea how to make pretty graphics with my computer, so I just took my markers, my journal, and my camera. If you come up with a prettier one and would like to share it with us, email it to me, and I will share it with everyone else).

Beside the weekly verses I added some boxes to put a check on the verses that I have already memorized. These little boxes will also help me to make my schedule a bit more flexible and don’t lose track of my progress. For example, this week I want to memorize all the beatitudes (Mt. 5:1-12), instead of only the first 9 verses of Mt 5, which means that I can check a few more boxes from the next weekly verses (I’d rather be ahead than behind before Christmas comes).

If you prefer a -somehow- more relaxed schedule, you can easily divide these chapters in 21weeks as follows:

Week 1: The Beautitudes (Mt 5:1-12)
Week 2: Salt and Light (Mt. 5: 13-16)
Week 3: Christ Came to Fulfill the Law (Mt.5: 17-20)
Week 4: Anger (Mt. 5: 21-26)
Week 5: Lust (Mt 5: 27-30)
Week 6: Divorce (Mt. 5:31-32)
Week 7: Oaths (Mt. 5:33- 37)
Week 8: Retaliation (Mt. 5: 38-42)
Week 9: Love Your Enemies (Mt. 5: 43-48)
Week 10: Giving to the Needy (Mt. 6: 1-4)
Week 11: The Lord’s Prayer (Mt. 6: 5-15)
Week 12: Fasting  (Mt. 6: 16-18)
Week 13: Lay Up Treasures in Heaven (Mt.6:19- 24)
Week 14: Do Not Be Anxious (Mt. 6: 25-34)
Week 15: Judging Others (Mt. 7:1-6)
Week 16: Ask, And It Will Be Given (Mt.7:7-11)
Week 17: The Golden Rule (Mt. 7: 12-14)
Week 18: A Tree and Its Fruit (Mt. 7:15-20)
Week 19: I Never Knew You (Mt. 7:21-23)
Week 20: Build Your House on the Rock (Mt. 7: 24-27)
Week 21: The Authority of Jesus (Mt. 7: 28-29)

How will we keep each other accountable? What if we meet here every Friday to share how we are doing? If you have a blog and decide to post about your progress every week feel free to link to it.

I will also be posting every Lord’s Day a prayer based on the weekly verses (instead of my regular Praying the Psalms series), because I have found that one of the most wonderful benefits of memorizing the Scriptures is that you can use them more effectively, as a sword in the hand of a warrior in your prayer time.

So here we go, Sisters…  May God bless our minds and hearts.


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