Ripped Jeans and Pearls

“The White Tablecloth” oil on Canvas, by Henri Eugene Augustin Le Sidaner

White long tablecloth,
Men wearing ties and jackets.
Women with high-heels and black dresses
And all looking at the door…

He is wearing ripped jeans,
A baseball cap,
A colorful t-shirt.
She is wearing a grey dress,
And pearls around her neck.

His frame is flimsy,
So is hers.
He is in his late twenties,
She is in her seventies.
He has an iPhone in his hand,
She has a cane.

We all gawk in disbelief.
He takes his seat first,
She is trying to manage
Her cane, her purse, the chair.
He doesn’t bother to help,
He is lost in his phone.

She asks for a glass of water, “No ice, please.”
He asks for a glass of wine, red. “Cabernet.”
She orders a salad, “No salt, please.”
He orders a steak, “With extra blue-cheese.”

She is bended.
So is he.
She tries to show herself strong,
He doesn’t care to be weak.

She grew up chanting,
“I am a woman,
I am strong,
I can conquer,
I need no man,
Not even my son.”

He grew up believing her.

He drinks his wine,
And puts in his mouth the last bite of her salad.
She drinks her water.
He asks for the bill.
She pays it in full.


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