Beauty for Beauty’s Sake

“Beauty is God’s inspiration to delight in Him. Wonder and awe whisper to us that there is something beyond, something more.”    Steve DeWitt, Eyes Wide Open


Image credits: Photograph by Andrew Osokin at Peta Pixel (Amazing!)


It always amazes me
 that God creates beauty for beauty’s sake.
So, I take my pencils and trace,
just for the sake of trying to make
something beautiful.
I choose the right colors for my home,
and flowers for the table,
and arrange them beautifully in a vase.
The Christmas ornaments,
all chosen carefully;
we want it to be beautiful.
The food on the table,
the wine,
the candles,
the music.
we sigh.
The books on the shelves,
filled with beautiful words,
and beautiful art.
The smiles,
the tears.
All beautiful.
I am always surrounded by beauty.
Art made in heaven.
All glorious.
This is certainly a beautiful world.
And I give thanks
The Creator
of all things.



Make sure you go see the whole photography series of snowflakes by Andrew Osokin. It is breathtaking!

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