Late-Mid-January Status – Or Something Like That-

How does living a quiet life has been looking like? Well, it sure doesn’t look like a still life. It looks bubbling, alive, productive, happy.

This is some sort of my late-mid-January status:

Blogging: I miss blogging (and reading blogs) on a regular basis, but I have learned that as much as it is important to understand that there are different seasons in our lives, it is also important to embrace those seasons with a grateful heart. So I am embracing this season of less blogging with a grateful and happy heart. Maybe, if you want to keep up with my blog, it would be a good idea if you subscribe to it by email, or become a “follower.¨ You can also like our Doctrines in the Kitchen Facebook page and keep up not only with my blog, but with many other articles that are carefully chosen for you.

Reading: I am currently reading The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky because it is a book that no matter where I looked to, it was always recommended as an important novel for Christians to read.

I just started a little booklet by Beeke entitle, Bringing the Gospel to Covenant Children. I am sure it will build up my faith.

The Family, a book by J.R. Miller deserved a second reading after being on a shelf since 2011. I love how he writes, even though he doesn’t address the basic problem in every family: Sin. I will write a review on Goodreads soon.

This year I will be reading Ephesians once a week (every Lord’s Day) and to study it in depth I am using this book,  Ephesians: Reformed Expository Commenatry by Bryan Chapell. I cannot begin to tell you what a great blessing it has been to my soul.

I am still memorizing The Sermon on the Mount, and for that I am reading (slowly) An Exposition of the Sermon on the Mount by Pink and the commentary of Spurgeon on Matthew. Nothing like eating Heavenly bread every day.

I am reading some poetry from Madeleine L’Engle. I must admit that I just love her writing style even though it is important to practice discernment when reading her books.

Exercising: Yes, a quiet life is a life in which I am learning to MOVE in Him. I am doing Pilates at home and some cardio on my treadmill daily. I feel good and happy as I am a learning to become a responsible stewart of the health God has given me.

Learning: I am so blessed to have friends that encourage me to try new things, like making my own bread! That was a fun experience and my family loved it. I think it will become part of my weekly  routine (that is another reason I need to keep up with my daily workout!).

Grading: Mid-terms exams. What a joy it is to see the fruit of your labor and God’s blessing over it.

Drinking: Coffee as always, but also coconut milk. OH.MY. It tastes so yummy! I love it!

Looking Forward: To a fun, fun trip in March with some girlfriends! Can’t wait! (Plus, my sister will be there too!)

Creating: Still working on some pretty lettering projects. And I am thinking about giving away one here next month, so stay tuned if you are interested.

Holding: My oldest daughter and my son (shown in the picture) who are graduating together this summer. I love having long conversations with them and hugging them tight, and listening to their dreams. So much to treasure.

Counting my Blessings: Yes, I am still keeping track (as much as I can) of  the many, the endless blessings God bestows upon me; I am just doing it on my journal.

Pondering: On how much we need the Gospel to understand the world around us. If we don’t start there we will not end there. We will end far away from it, in a land that knows nothing of the true meaning of hope.

Under His Sun and by His Grace,


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