Stories of Endless Grace

It is when I see my sisters in Christ
who have lost a child,
a husband,
a dream.
Sisters who have been betrayed,
Who have heard many times
that they have the “right” to be mad
to be bitter,
to be anger.
But by God’s Grace
are still clinging hard to
God’s Word,
to His Perfect love,
to the Cross,
That I learn the most
about trusting God.

These women, these sisters,
Who have lost the most precious gifts,
Are the ones who have their hands
And hearts full.
Their cup is overflowing.
God has filled their emptiness
With His prescence.
They now know Him as the God
who satisfies all of our needs.
They have walked with Him
through valleys
and shadows and
have embraced the blessed gift of
His Peace which surpasses all

These women don’t name and claim promises.
These women bow down and
Glorify God in the abyss.
When silence is everywhere,
and no answers are found,
they cling to the Word of God,
and hide under the Shadow of the Almighty.

The lessons learned in the furnace,
in the missionary field,
in the trials,
in the hospitals,
in the cemetery,
in the court,
in the office,
in the kitchen,
in the prayer closet,
are all invaluable,
all of them rich.
All appointed by God,
to draw them closer to Him.

How they stood firm through each battle,
how they have persevered,
how they have glorified and thanked God
when they could have cursed Him.
Oh! It is only through Grace…
Grace that flows from the Cross,
Grace that knows the power of the Resurrection.
Grace that calls each one of us by name.
Grace that doesn’t let us go
or die,
or despair.

And we all know this,
the school of sanctification is not easy.
And we fail at times -many times-
but we persevere,
we have not been chosen to perish.
It is not about us,
about will-power,
about our own capacities,
or strength,
or godliness.
It is neither about our sin,
how big it is,
how low we have been.
It is all about His Saving Grace,
Grace that saves,
Grace that helps us fight,
Grace that brings us all the way to the finish line.

And I have heard my sisters say,
“I never thought I could possibly live through such a trial…
      and yet God’s grace sustained me through it all.”

I close my eyes and try to swallow hard.
Isn’t this the testimony that we need to hear?
The Doctrines of Grace,
The Catechism,
Our Creeds,
Worn as our daily robe?

As one man said,
“Stories are catechisms 
                 with flesh on.”
I believe it.
I have heard the stories my sisters have lived.
I have seen them being sustained by
the faith that is found in the marrow of their bones.
Their scars are real.
But so their smiles.
So their joy.

All is Grace and
each story hides in it many mercies.
And each one draws us near to our Father.
Beautiful stories of unending Grace.
mercies adorning their days.
Day after day…
New mercies which never fail to come.

God’s blessed joy has come in the morning,
His peace has guarded their hearts,
their minds.

And I look at each one of them,
how beautiful they are!
How strong
and meek they are.
How much like Jesus they have become.

And I give thanks for each one of them,
And always remember them in my prayers,


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